Who is Responsible for the Healthy Food for Children

Do you want know who is responsible for the healthy food for children? All parents are doing their thoughts on what is good, healthy and sensible for their children. Also called upbringing and care and it is part of our duties as parents to implement the principles for such behavior and eating habits that we believe in and support. But what is right and what is wrong? We are all different in what we believe in, but also in the way we implement what we believe. Also children are different, so it is good and right for a child is not necessarily good and right for another child.

In a busy life it can be difficult to fill the fridge up with the things you want. The parents are responsible for their own and their children's nutrition. This means that it is the parents who decide what you should buy and how much food the child must have.

Advertising influences children begins early. Children caught images. Products are nutritionally is in line with sweets and cakes, is located right next to the right milk packed welcoming into. Signals cause us that it is healthy. When you are tired of shopping end of the day, and the child plagues a milk chopping it can easily go differently than you want. As parents, we want to hear our views of children, but the parents are responsible for children's health.

Cooking and shopping together can be a wonderful shared activity. Children can be involved in cooking and shopping from an early age. Choosing foods to be purchased for the family, may give rise to many discussions, and is a good opportunity to teach children about food and eating habits.

The food is made and served in the family is in many ways a symbol of the love and care we have for each other. This means that a lot of the conflicts that can come when we eat together often is about more than food. But when the food is on the table, it is often the theme of conflicts. Conflicts are part of the family's life together, and talk to them, thriving family and evolve. Suppresses they develop into problems.

A good idea is that as parents take the time to explore and articulate shared values. Values ??are what we believe in and our children take for themselves. What values ??do we want in our family for example, about to eat together, and how, we eat what we like regardless of quality and purity, we make all the food yourself from scratch, like the proper raw materials, what about fast food and junk food?

Do we as parents up to the responsibility?

There have been several overweight children and obese children are more overweight. Approximately every fifth child is overweight. This is partly due that many children eat too much fat and sugar, and not enough vegetables and fruit. The unhealthy habits formed in childhood continue into adulthood.

Children's gotta relax, so little fun with a video, chips and lemonade do well no harm? How most parents probably recognize to have thought, but it happens too often, the junk food and too little movement mean that the child is overweight.

Obesity has become so widespread that we parents may find it difficult to see when it hits our own children. It is good to be aware that it might not just puppy fat. Obesity can have serious consequences in childhood but also in adulthood

What do I do when my child only want a nutella - food?

A child only eat nutella - food, and parents have quietly let His decide what he will eat. His is persistent, so even if the parents are trying to come up with other proposals it does not help. It becomes a power struggle. The parents' attempts to get Hans to eat another has led to a lot of conflicts, which reflects that the changes parents are trying to create, is out of step with His.

Healthy kids fighting and arguing to get what they want and it is an ability they develop throughout their lives. A good initiative from parents develop them, they are taken seriously, but do not always get right.

If a child too many choices or constantly asked, What do you want? It's going to take leadership in the family. Although the parents will carry generally healthy and properly, it might be good to stop and think what is good for the family's well-being. There must be like to be a common thread in their parents' leadership, so that children can develop harmoniously and thrive.

The parents' responsibility is to exercise leadership

It is the responsibility of parents to exercise leadership. Parents are responsible for the tone, mood and atmosphere in the family. The ability of the child in addition to care for itself powers. Leaving responsibility for the interplay quality for the kids, come none of the parties to thrive. Children have an innate ability to respond to the interaction with parents. When a child instance, shows reluctance by eating with parents, or will not eat what is being served, it may be an indication that the child does not thrive. It is a way the child can point out that there is something here in our family, not as it should be.

Children are allowed to express their needs and ask for what they want, but they cannot always get it - and it's okay to be sad. The parents must also learn to accommodate.

We can give our children many valuable experiences in my backpack. Children are directed more by our example than by our doctrines.

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