When the child doesnt want to go to school causes and recommendations for parents

Often, the child doesn'twant to go to school. Parents often face their child's statement that he or she is tired of going to school or doesn't like to be there. However, parents often do not pay attention to such a thing, instead believing that the child is simply being lazy. In some cases, a child’s unwillingness to go to school develops into a pathological fear.This fear or anxiety haunts the child every day of his school life and when the child gets older it becomes a cause of absenteeism and leads to the dropping out of school. How cana parent help a child overcome the fear of school and find causes of this fear, anxiety, or unwillingness?

Poor academic performance

A child's poor academic performance can be a cause of child’s lack of desire to learn.The child doesn't understand what the teacher talks about.Naturally, he is bored in class.Misunderstanding leads to a deadlock, and with each new topic the child is getting farther away from the point that the teacher is trying to deliver.In addition, if the teacher scolds the child for poor performance or ridicules him in front of the class, the child's desire to understand the subject fades away completely.This only fosters a negative attitude towards the subject, teacher, and school all together, and the child doesn't want to go to school.

Being bored in class

This situation is opposite to the previous one.The child is a very fast learner and does not need long explanations, but due to the fact that the teacher is geared to teach average students, he has to repeatedly hear things that he has understood or learned earlier.Therefore, his attention is dulled, and he is bored in a class, just as the student who falls behind.Such children either find a way to satisfy their curiosity through additional personal classes or become indifferent school attendees.

The distressing situation in the classroom

The environment where a child studies greatly affects the desire to learn. If many students in the class are not set for learning, they disrupt classes and display poor behavior, then even a very capable child who wants to learn something new will be uncomfortable in the classroom. Therefore, the child doesn't want to go to school.

Poor teacher's attitude

When the child doesnt want to go to school causes and recommendations for parents

Unfortunately, not all teachers can be called true professionals and masters of their craft.Some are affected by personal preferences towards children.In the crowd of children, they have their favorites whom they tutor with the most interest. Other children are outsiders and the teacher pays little attention to them.By not being a favorite pupil, the child's self-esteem decreases significantly, as well as the desire to study with the teacher, and generally leads to the child not wanting to go to school.

Poor relations with classmates

Conflicts with classmates may have different origins. It is difficult not to have conflicts with classmates because the children's interests may clash, and naturally everyone will defend their own interests.However, if the child constantly has bad relationships with his classmates, he feels he is an outcast, and the school becomes a continuous boxing round.Then, the child experiences constant mental pressure. For him, school is associated with an unpleasant ordeal that destroys his self-esteem and life in general.

High school students bully a child

When the child doesnt want to go to school causes and recommendations for parents
Instances of child's cruelty may come as a shock to any adult.However,a child's cruelty is the reflection of his background, based on the founding principles and values that parents instilled into their child.Bullying younger ones is a parenting style that a child suffers from and then carries it over into his behavior at school.The victims are children who cannot stand up for themselves and differ in something from others.Cruel, older students choose their victims from the group of those who do not resist or consider such an abuse a norm due to a low self-esteem.The goal of parents is to teach a child to respect himself.In situations where it is very difficult to defend himself, the child needs to seek for support from parents, teachers, and friends.

Recommendations for parents

When the child doesnt want to go to school causes and recommendations for parents
Be attentive to the school life of your child.

Frequently attend parent-teacher meetings and communicate with the child’s teachers.

Find out whether it is comfortable for the child to learn and what exactly disturbs him at school.

Communicate with your child as much as possible.

Tutor the child if he is left behind, but first the importance of knowing this subject has to be explained to the child.If the parent himself has the knowledge and patience, then the child can be tutored at home.Another way to catch up is additional group or private lessons with a teacher.

If, to the contrary, the child is bored due to the lack of interesting information,then try to transfer him into a class for gifted children. We hope that this article will help you understand why a child may not want to go to school.