What is Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting style relates to a method of natural parenting. This parenting style is the closest to our origins. Natural parenting is based on the harmony between nature and human being. Attachment parenting style inherits the basic principles of natural parenting, but not all of them. Therefore, attachment parenting style was accepted by a lot of parents all over the world.

Attachment parenting style has been established by William and Martha Serz. William is a practicing pediatrician; Martha is spouse and a nurse by profession. Their parenting style is a result of their long-term observation of many families. They also have included their own parenting experience of eight children in their theory.

Here the basic principles of attachment parenting style:

The 1st principle of attachment parenting style.

Come into contact with a child as soon as possible.

This is the primary and the first stage in the development of your relationship. It begins with the first moments of your baby's birth. Tactile contact can be established immediately after all necessary hygiene procedures with natural childbirth. Mother’s touches, her warmth, and the first breastfeeding are the most important things for physical and philological health of your child. Discuss this before a delivery with medical personal.

In case of caesarean section the contact with mother is impossible. A father of a baby can take over the mother’s role to some extent. A mother can fully restore the contact with her child as soon as the effect from the anesthesia moves away.

Do not worry if in your case none of the above mentioned options is possible. During your life you will experience infancy and moving into adulthood periods of the child. They will give you plenty of opportunities to establish attachment parenting between you and your baby.

The 2nd principle of attachment parenting style.

Recognize signals given by a baby and respond to them.

What is Attachment Parenting

A newborn baby is able to communicate with you. Crying is child’s communication with their parents. If parents ignore child’s cry, they doom their baby on loneliness and insecurity. If a child cries, it means something disturbs them. You need to meet baby’s needs. You do not need to listen to advice, "Do not accustom to cuddling ", "let them weep," etc. Following these advice leads to disruption of the child's harmonious development and impede understanding of the baby’s needs. Further ignoring you child’s signals will lead to complete alienation. Therefore, carefully observe your baby, notice every change in their behavior and meet all needs of your baby.

The 3rd principle of attachment parenting style.


Breastfeeding is a fundamental principle of motherhood. Female breast milk is an ideal product by its composition for the child’s organism. The latest research of scientists has also confirmed that every mother's breast milk is individual on its composition and is best suited for her child. Breastfeeding is not only the satisfaction of child's physiological needs in food. The emotional contact between a mother and a child begins with this. Breastfeeding increases production of the so-called "mother hormone," - prolactin and oxytocin in mother's organism. The composition and the amount of these hormones determine "maternal instinct" and increase lactation. Therefore, at the initial stage try to breastfeed your baby as often as possible. In case if breastfeeding is impossible due to mother's health status or child's health status, you should try to maintain lactation. Seek help from lactation consultants who will advise you competently and help you to cope with this problem.

The 4th principle of attachment parenting style.

Carry your baby with you.

What is Attachment Parenting

If a mother has been leading an active lifestyle before baby birth, she should continue it... From time immemorial, mothers have been using sling. This has been facilitating the life of mother and child. Child and mother are much calmer when they are together. Mother can do her business and at the same time stay close to the baby. If a child takes part in parents’ affairs, they will develop faster than the baby who is constantly lying in his crib.

The 5th principle of attachment parenting style.

Sleep with a child.

What is Attachment Parenting

A small child can not sleep for a long time as an adult, due to an age-old instinct of survival. The child wakes up in certain periods of time, as if reminding"check out my safety, I'm completely defenseless."As a result, parents have to get up constantly and soothe their baby. Later on, this can cause lack of sleep, irritability and parents’ immunity decrease. Therefore, it is better to practice a sleep with a child. This will facilitate parents’ task and will give baby a feeling of security. Of course, this advice does not refer to the cases when the baby sleeps more quietly on his own or if parents have contagious disease.

The above listed five principles are not a dogma. These are recommendations from William and Martha Serz that they presented in their excellent book "The Baby Book: All you need to know about your baby from birth to age two." Dear parents, you can also find your own way to establish attachment parenting with your baby.