Tips for Grandparents How to Build Good Relationships

Being grandparents we want to spend most of our precious time with our grandchildren . You can make deep and loving relationships with grandkids by sharing things with them and learning things that excite them. Whethergrandparentslive far away or near their grandkids, they will always find different ways to strengthen their ties and provide grandkids with valuable life lessons and cheerful memories.

Grand +Parenting = Grandparenting

Grandparenting, just likeparenting, is a great possibility to love, play, appreciate and to be needed by someone.


See the whole world in new colours through
grandkids’ eyes.
Provide encouragement and support.
Watch kids develop and grow.
Share things they love with little people.
Learn new games and music.
Experience interests of young minds.
Provide grandkids with new input.

Grandparentstend to develop a tight bond with theirgrandchildren: they often are family historians and share family traditions and stories about child’s parents.

Role ofGrandparentsin a Child’s Life

Just likeparenting, grandparenting requires total commitment. For somegrandparents, it’s just a weekend together, a vacation or holidays visits, or mail exchange. Others devote every spare moment to theirgrandchildrenand are very happy with it.

If you want to have “grand” relationships with your grandkids, you will have to set some rules with your children:

  • Baby proof you house to be sure that toddlers are safe.
  • Discuss and explain what role you want to play in your grandchild’s life.
  • Discuss parents’ rules towards the kids, because they will want their kid to follow the rules they have at home when he is with you.
  • Enforce agreed upon punishment.

Avoid pitfalls:

  • Stopparenting, start grandparenting you are not supposed to raise yourgrandchildren.
  • Never buy affection don’t shower your grandchild with gifts and check with parents before you buy more presents.
  • Do not ignore boundaries a grandparent that gives in to a grandchild may infuriate parents.
  • Do not overindulge first grandkids it can cause resentment.

Tips for Spending Good Time With Grandkids

Tips for Grandparents How to Build Good Relationships
The best grandparenting activities come from interest of both grandkids andgrandparents. By sharing many things you can create deep and loving relationships.
Enjoy leisure time with your grandkids.Grandparentswon’t have to experience the daily pressure of a parent you don’t have to worry about shopping and making dinner for the whole family, as well as driving and running various errands. Slow down, get absorbed into you grandkid’s life and enjoy this time.
Go outside with children they love being in the park or on the beach. That’s where all happy thoughts return to and where great pictures are taken. Kids adore hiking or nature walking, and these activities can be also useful and fun.Grandparentscan tell them about nature and environment, teach how to love and protect them. While at the beach you can enjoy swimming activities or play by throwing stones into the water. You can start these activities even when your grandchild is just a toddler and then, as they get older, expand games.

Tips for Grandparents How to Build Good Relationships
Another great way to spend time together is engaging in activities and hobbies eithergrandparentsor grandkids like. It’s a good way to know each other better and bond. Sometimes such activities as, for instance, gardening or knitting can turn into a fascinating game and provide certain connection. Similarly, ifgrandparentstake some interest in those things their grandchild loves, like Harry Potter books or collecting coins, they share their area of knowledge with you and open up in various new ways.