Things That Helped Me to Be the Best Single Parent for my Kids

Being asingleparent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Either you are a singlemotheror father it doesn’t matter, the responsibilities and stress are the same. You will have to meet different challenges while raising your kid alone. You will need to be caring, nurturing, stabilizing and disciplining parent and move between the roles of a motherand a father . After Pete died in that car accident it has been really difficult both for me and my son to recover. I lack those qualities his father had; therefore, I can’t substitute for a man.

Challenges for Parents

Parenting itself is a challenge, and if you aresingle, your challenges are multiplied hundreds of times. I faced an emotional overload of priorities of those of my own and my child’s. We usually place ourselves second to our children and, thus, neglect our emotional and psychological needs. Another difficulty is to provide the family financially. I still have a full-time and several part-time jobs. However, having friends or relatives that are always there for you might help in both moral and financial situations. Don’t be afraid to ask somebody for help if you need it badly. Remember, that you are responsible for all the decisions in the family, and you have to be sure if all of your child’s needs are met.

Where Can aSingleMom Get Help From?

Beingsinglecertainly means that you have financial needs. If you were a housewife during your marriage, after separation you may not find a good job at once, and the financial help you get from your ex-husband isn’t enough. However, there are many options. In the USAsingle motherand father can find certain grants through federal or state government. One can also apply for a loan. Perhaps, you will want to get further education and get a degree. In this case you will have to apply for a scholarship or government grant. Tax credits, sponsored assistance and benefits are provided to asingleparent in case secondary parent doesn’t have the ability to support hischildfinancially. If you have just divorced, an adjective “single” might sound weird and daunting. In this case you can surf the Internet and look for immediate help online, get acquainted with other moms, get along, and share advice and experience. This will make you feel not alone and raise your spirits.

5 Tips I Stuck to When Raising My Son Alone

1. You are the family boss.

Things That Helped Me to Be the Best Single Parent for my Kids
Singleparents’ most common mistake is letting children do whatever they want and become equal peers: that’s why a lot of children run the show. However, achildneeds certain set limits and discipline.

2. Learn to deal with overload.

Having become asingleparent, one is overwhelmed with lots of responsibilities, duties and emotional overload. It is extremely difficult to raise achildalone, that’s why you should teach and assign your kid particular tasks and chores.

3. Set schedules and routines.

Things That Helped Me to Be the Best Single Parent for my Kids

However, don’t get too involved in it you might not want to be unreasonable and inflexible. Achildshould learn that life isn’t at all predictable from the very beginning. Find a perfect balance.

4. Don’t treat your kid as a peer.

Never confide in your children, because it makes your kid too mature for his own age. This is a common but unintentional mistake most parents make.

5. Look for emotional support and take care of yourself.

This is a critical point. If you don’t have energy and want to take a break, you should do it. Ask your friends or relatives to baby sit and meanwhile spend some time alone. Go to the gym, shopping, read a book, take a nap. Perhaps, you will need to keep to a diet or go to a beauty parlor. Try to get rid of stress, as it is always reflected in our kids.

When I was in low spirits, my relatives and friends helped me, and now I’m sharing my experience of how to be a greatsingle mother. If you are too depressed, get support.

Good luck! If I did it, you can do it too.