Teenagers and smoking addiction or total cigarette dependency

Teenagers and smoking.

The average of a smoker has become much younger nowadays.According to the statistics, about 70% of children under the age of 15, tried to smoke at least once. Teenagers and addiction to cigarettes is a plague in our society, which forms an attitude to this destructive habit. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to eradicate something that has been modeled as an acceptable behavior for many years.

It's no secret that something that causes addiction and results in constant consumption is a great source of income, which is why many tobacco companies led very successful smoking campaigns throughout the 20th century.

Teenagers and smoking addiction: the forces that get a teenager into smoking

My friends smoke

This is the most common argument teenagers use in support of smoking."Being in the know," and being no worse than others in order to blend in with the crew.It is the child's environment that transforms a desire to start smoking from idea into reality.

Smoking is normal in my family

Smoking in the family affects the desire to try cigarettes. If at least one parent smokes in the family, the chances of cigarette addiction increase . If both parents smoke in a child’s presence, then the child is already nicotine dependent.It's difficult for such children to disregard this negative example. However, if children/teenagers witness smoking-related illnesses or death of a parent, then it may have a positive impact on their experience and attitude to smoking. It is parent's attitude towards smoking that forms the child's opinion on this harmful habit.

We have to try everything in this life

Adventurism and novelty-seeking may also make smoking a priority in immature child's mind.“We have to try everything in this life” is an not only the opinion of children who enter puberty, but also of many mentally and physically mature adults.It is bad if the trial results in a harmful habit, which gradually destroys the body.

I want to be an adult

Teenagers and smoking addiction or total cigarette dependency
Many adults smoke and forbid it to children.“I'm tired of the limits.I want to be an adult.”It's logical and depressing, because smoking is not an indicator of maturity in an individual, but on the contrary, an indicator of weakness and lack of self-control.Nonetheless, this argument leads children into the ranks of smokers. Teenagers and their smoking addiction is the perfect combination for tobacco manufacturers, which is why advertising campaigns focus on smoking as cool and very mature.The result does not take long to manifest, and each day more children are addicted to smoking.

Teenagers and smoking addiction - why arguments about smoking dangers don't work

Schools promote the idea that smoking is an enormous loss. However, the number of teenager-smokers is not decreasing.The root of the problem is the teenager's psychology and the slow nicotine effect.The child, whose most debilitating sickness in life was either the flu or an upset stomach, is told that he would suffer from diseases he knows nothing about, and will die 10 to 20 years earlier.At the age of 13-15 years old, even at the age of 40, this is something distant and unreal.He just cannot plan his life for so many years ahead.The problem is that the nicotine's effect on the body is slow and the terrible diseases adults talk about do not occur after a year or two of smoking, which is why when seeing no personal harm the child does not want to accept this information.

Teenagers and smoking addiction - summary

Teenagers and smoking addiction or total cigarette dependency
The parent's goal is to form a negative attitude to smoking in their child early in their life

If you are a smoker, don't smoke in the child's presence

Remove smoking

Teach a child to treat his body with care

Teach a child to have his own opinion about smoking

Teach children to say NO to his friends when they offer him to smoke

If you stick to the above mentioned principles in raising your child, then surely you will be able to avoid the problems of teenagers and their smoking addiction.

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