Teenagers and Drug Addiction Distinctive Signs that Your Child is a Drug Addict

Teenagers' drug addiction has become a big problem in our life. According to the USA statistics, approximately 8 persons out of 100 have tried prohibited drugs at least once. There is a high possibility that your child may take drugs and alcohol. In accordance with statistical data of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, there is a huge possibility that your child will try drugs minimum once in his life. Teenagers are pressed by their peers , who are already more advanced in this matter, and slowly turn from “just trying” to drug addiction.

The biggest problem is random drugs taking may turn into actual addiction. Very few addicts realize that they have crossed the border from occasional trying to addiction. The majority of teenagers do not take drugs, as they are aware of the drug abuse problem. However, some teenagers consider occasional drug taking as a way to have more fun without even thinking of negative consequences that appear for the reason of drug abuse.

The majority of teenagers do not think that they will become addicts. They are taking drugs or alcohol just to have fun and be alike their friends. When teenagers become addicts, they lose their friends, start having problems with health and at school, suffer from lapses memories, lose motivation and drift apart from friends and family.

Signs of Addiction:

1. Changes in behavior

- Extremely often changes of mood during one hour

- Aggression without a reason

- Constant lying and desire to hide, cloister himself.

- Apathy to things that previously were a pleasure

- Abrupt progress in studying

2. Physiological changes

Teenagers and Drug Addiction Distinctive Signs that Your Child is a Drug Addict

- Mydriatic pupils

- Delayed response

- Delayed speech

- Loss of appetite

- Lapses memories

- Obsessional ideas and phobias

- Constant snuffle or coughing

3. Indirect signs

- Disappearance of money or valuable things

- Your child tries to borrow money from everyone

- In case of evident discomfort

- Refuses to visit a doctor

The earlier you get to know that your child or friend suffers from drug abuse, the faster you will be able to help him. If you have noticed the abovementioned changes, you must act immediately. It is time that plays a very significant role on the question of drug abuse.

Teenagers and Drug Addiction Distinctive Signs that Your Child is a Drug Addict
Drug abuse may also influence friendship between old fellows. Addicted teenagers start to drift apart from past friends, who do not approve drugs. They start communicating with other addicted peers, who will encourage and support each other in taking drugs. Parents must be very attentive when a teenager suddenly leaves his old friends for new ones.

The majority of addicted teenagers do not see a problem in drug abuse. Drugs make them feel well and can relieve from stress at school, home problems, conflicts with friends. They consider drugs to be the solution for their problems, not the problem itself.

If your teenager takes drugs, persuade him to voluntarily get help in medical center dealing with teenagers, as such centers can help your child to build firm foundation for recovery and future without drugs.

If your teenager is willing to get rid of drug addiction, be caring and supportive when he asks for help. That is why you must attentively observe your child’s behavior and set him straight promptly.