Teenage suicidal thoughts

How to prevent teenage suicidal thoughts? It is not to see. They look so happy, the country's teenagers when the schools go down through the city's shopping streets. Small-giggling and flirty dig through the one clothing store after another, armed to the teeth with mobile phones.

While the total number of suicides has declined over the past decade, the number of teenagers who try to commit suicide namely doubled. It is these sad figures, which among other things has led researchers at the Centre for Suicide Research to sound the alarm.

Two out of three attempted suicides are committed by girls between 15 and 19 years. From here, try a staff of researchers to identify the mechanisms that helps to fill in the emotional balloon that threatens to light at the slightest gust of wind. A trip that makes too many young people to lose ground, and may end up sending the teenager out in a vacuum, where there is only isolation.

Cries for help are heard

But why don’t they just parents or teachers for help with their problems?

- When we ask them for a suicide attempt, they reply often that they had tried. But to no avail, says Erik Brown who works at the Centre for Suicide Research.

That parents and teachers aren’t able to perceive the young cry for help, because they usually don’t interest to the young. The adults have a hard time taking young people's problems seriously enough. A match where parents and teachers must take responsibility on themselves, and where there is room for wobble around the bush. If one of the parties to a juvenile who is dangerously towards the invisible abyss suicidal thoughts digs in a man's mind, action must be taken immediately into. But it is not enough.

- I think that parents need to be better at listening to their children's problems and take them seriously. It must be here and now, when the young targets. No matter how trivial the teenager's problems might seem to an adult, so they feel often as insurmountable problems for the young people themselves. It is important to understand that explains Erik Brown.

That it is important to take young people's problems seriously, Lars Moore from Young. He sits on a daily basis, and puts ear to young people's problems.

- Many teenagers are moving at the same razor's edge, and it takes so little to knock them off the stick, says Lars Moore.

- I spoke with a young once, who complained that his parents had asked her if she wanted to go out in the cottage. Although she may have had the answer is no, then it was still important to her to be asked, he says.

Ask - it never hurts

A few questions can help to jeopardize the thoughts that otherwise has full speed towards suicide.

- If you have the feeling that a young suicidal thoughts, then you should ask directly. It is never wrong to ask, advises Lars Moore, which has been many years of practical experience in his job as a municipal lifeline in the Young switch. When you show interest in a young person that goes with suicidal thoughts, you take far too much emphasis on the youth's shoulder. For the plan of suicide is almost an infinite heavy secret to carry around.

Also Erik Brown believes that such a confidential conversation in teenager may be enough to get the young people to come in more healthy thoughts. Never talk about suicide.

Therefore, he also like the teachers, for example, took up the issue of class hours, and thus helped to defuse suicidal thoughts. To young people have suicidal thoughts, is relatively common.

- The second myth I would like to see killed is that those who talk about suicide, could not find to keep suicide Plans. It is simply not true, says Erik Brown. So you should take action immediately if a young threatens suicide. Is a teacher unsure whether a student is doing well? Parents must be contacted, conversely, if parents are worried about their child.

Is it a danger signal?

But what danger signals to parents and teachers look for? How does a teenager out, going with suicidal thoughts?

The latter is impossible to answer. Young goes with dark thoughts about death, do not go dressed in special clothes. However, there are still a few things parents and teachers to be aware of.

The most important thing is a sudden strong change in behavior. And here it is important to emphasize that it is not only personality change for the darker, that should set alarm bells ringing. There are also examples where a stuffy and otherwise very quiet girl suddenly seems to explode in a firework of exuberant joy. It is, according to Erik Brown, the girl's way of telling the world that now she has decided to make peace. Peace for the pain she could no longer bear. For suicide among young people is rarely a desire to die. They just want to get away and have peace from the problems they no longer find it impossible to solve.

Wanting to die a bit

- I talked to a girl once who had tried to commit suicide three times. I asked her if she had thought that she actually risked dying of her attempts at a time. The thought startled her, because she had never thought of before, says Lars Moore.

- In principle, think teenagers that they are immortal. They just want to die a bit, explains Lars on teenagers intricacies thought universe.

So it is obviously an important thing if you can take problems in the bud and take them before they grow into an unbearable burden on the young. But it requires that you have a relationship of mutual trust, which is donated to talk. A good contact between parents and teachers is a good thing. Both parties can join to form a denser safety net under the teenager.

- It does not apply to over-protect them. I usually like to say that you should not steal his children downs and bruises. These are the bruises that gives them the ballast which prevents at the slightest seaway, says Lars Moore.

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Teenage suicidal thoughts