Teenage Pregnancy still a child

Outraged parents

Not all young people who find themselves in this situation have received support from their communities. The relationships at this age are often seen as nothing serious and therefore an announcement of a baby is often not greeted in a warm manner. The parents are horrified, and their first reaction is sometimes hurtful. Now that they just let their children out of the woods, there is now one with the responsibility for a grandchild. Finally, the parents of teenage mothers are legally obliged to let their child receive all the necessary support. Threats, such as "Kicking", or other forms of violence can be punishable.

For or against their (own) lifestyle?

Often, these young girls are mentally all alone. There is a difficult decision to make for or against the child. For an adult woman, it’s an incredible burden, but for a pregnant woman, who is still a child herself, the decision is much more difficult. An underage pregnancy may, even happen against the wishes of the parents. This means that the young woman must be able to survey their situation and the consequences of her own actions. Parents refuse to acknowledge this maturity, and may refer the daughter to a doctor. Lawmakers are claim that due to the different development during puberty, they can only provide guidance. Ultimately, however, does it depend on the individual cases?

Present alternatives

Abortion is not the only solution for a young woman who doesn’t want to raise her child. There is the possibility of adoption, but also for guardianship. This means the child lives with a foster family in the meanwhile, but can see his mother regularly and build a relationship with her. If the woman is in a position to provide for her their child, it is possible she may regain custody.

Teenage Pregnancy still a child

Sex education is not enough

The question that inevitably arises in this context is that, as it often does at this enlightened age, what should you do with an unwanted pregnancy? The days when the word sex was discussed only behind the bedroom door are long gone. The fact that you can go anywhere and admire a naked body, even in school via a subject called sex education. , And even if one is enlightened, it does not mean that we have recognized the importance of preventing or even put in a position to carry it out correctly or with sexual partners to trust. In this situation, it may be hard to ask the questions about the subject you don’t know about simply because it is assumed everyone knows, and you don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

In this context, it is particularly important to create an open atmosphere at home, making the children and young people comfortable to ask questions so that they are educated about a good sex life.

A child as a way out

Although not all teen mothers come from difficult backgrounds, poverty, poor education, and problems in the family increase the probability of a very early pregnancy. Studies in mother-child facilities have shown that not only do material poverty and alcohol play a major role in the family, but often ill-treatment and sexual abuse are also present. Many girls think that they can escape hopelessness through having a child.. Being a mother is finally a recognized and respected status in society. Some even manage to break the vicious circle and to go their own way, but many of them underestimate the difficulty and soon both mother and child are in urgent need of help.

Romantic notions do not help

Having a child at such a young age means you have to grow up and be responsible. It is not only about themselves but also for the child. Many girls, who previously held more romantic notions of motherhood, are completely overwhelmed by the situation. Education and vocational training are difficult to pick up again as the education of children and first seem unimportant. Later on, it makes it difficult to practice a profession career, and be able to be alone to take care of themselves and their child. This results in an increased risk of poverty.

Most teenage mothers live in the United States, according to UNICEF. In Europe, specifically Britain and Germany, has 13 births per thousand women aged between 15 and 19 years. The births given by younger girls are not such an important issue.

Also, the welfare office should be contacted for the youth. Employees are bound by confidentiality and may provide assistance in the form of financial and economic assistance. If both parents are minors, and do not opt ??for another guardian, they shall assume the Youth Office's role as their legal official guardian, which is used here to provide clarification of maintenance or effort in the worst case to the acknowledgment of paternity.