Teenage mother causes and consequences of precocious pregnancy

Teenage mother is a status which creates fear in many parents of young girls and the girls themselves, who enter adult life. In our society, the pregnancy of a teenage girl appears as a mistake, lack of responsibility from the girl’s and her parents’ side, etc. However, in many Asian and African countries, where precocious marriages are common, a 16-year old mother is a normal social phenomenon. There’s a BUT: a teenage mother must be in a legal marriage before the child is conceived. Otherwise, it’s reproached as well.

Causes of precocious pregnancy

Physiologically, after the first menstruation a girl may already get pregnant if she leads a sexual life in the dangerous period of ovulation and doesn’t practice safe sex. There are lessons at school, which discuss safe sex and what happens if a condom isn’t used. However, there are still many cases of pregnancy among teenagers. Why?

Precocious sexuality

Teenagers strive to have relationships that adults have. Sex for them is something that makes them adult. Precocious sexuality is the first cause of precocious pregnancy. A lack of mutual understanding with parents or a lack of love in the family pushes a teenager to look for love in the company of peers. Some teenage girls put on heavy makeup, wear provocative clothes, and present themselves as adults. They attend night clubs and parties, where they get acquainted with young men much older than themselves. A lot of alcohol beverages and even drugs turn off their common sense, sense of chastity, and decency of the young girl. As a result of such a night, a girl’s physiology may present a surprise in the terms of undesirable pregnancy. In the aftermath, the most terrible thing is that the girl doesn’t remember what has happened to her and who the baby’s father is.

Girls’ insufficient knowledge about physiology

Teenage mother causes and consequences of precocious pregnancy

Girls’ insufficient knowledge about their physiology may become a cause. Many teenage girls know that there are dangerous and safe days for conceiving. Yet they believe that this gives them an opportunity to rely on a lucky chance. “I may be lucky and not get pregnant!” However, the menstrual cycle in teenage girls isn’t stable. Their reproductive system is just beginning to prepare to perform its function. This is why different deviations to a longer or shorter ovulation period may occur. If a girl relies solely on chance, sooner or later, she will get pregnant.

Incorrect application of contraceptives

Contraceptive pills and even condoms have correct methods of application. Before beginning to take contraceptive pills, a girl should consult a doctor or at least read the instructions for the pills attentively.Many hormone-containing medications negatively influence the health of teenagers. With an incorrect application, they may turn out to be completely useless.

As for condoms, it’s important to check their quality and expiration date. Many pregnancies occurred because a condom was of poor quality or put on incorrectly.

Consequences of precocious pregnancy

Teenage mother causes and consequences of precocious pregnancy
A teenage mother experiences plenty of difficulties, which change her life dramatically. First of all, she needs to quit school for some time. To avoid mockeries and other undesirable reactions from the people around, it might be better to change the place of living. A teenage mother should secure herself with the support of her own family and friends. Now responsibility for her own life and the life of a new person rests on her shoulders. Pregnancy at the age of 13-19 affects the body of a teenager destructively. This is why many pregnancies end in miscarriages. Many children, born to teenage mothers, have different deviations because the body of a young woman isn’t ready to deliver a baby. Statistics show that the deliveries of women under 18 y.o. have deviations and may even end fatally for the woman and her baby. Nevertheless, an abortion at such an early age produces even a greater devastating effect on the body of a teenager. There’s a big possibility that after an abortion, a woman will never be able to conceive a baby again.

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