Teaching manners to kids

Ages of 3-6 years are the prime time for teaching manners, because children this age love to master new ‘elder’ skills.

What good manners we may teach?

Some simple rules of table etiquette

By the time he/ she turns 3 years, your child is able to eat with his/ he spoon and fork. It is the time to start mastering basics:

Use your napkin and do not use your sleeve.

Don’t spit the food out of your mouth on a plate.

Don’t talk when your mouth full

Sit up straight at the table.

And dear parents don't be the manners police, fussing at your children constantly. It is not helpful to your child

Replenish your kid polite vocabulary

Explain your child that it is good to say may I please, “excuse me”, “Not at all.” Remain him/her when he/ she forgets, so give your kid a chance to correct himself.

What is being kind?

It means - take turns, don’t grab, and say you're sorry if you hurts someone. When a conflict arises, parent shouldn’t say 'Be nice.' Talk to your child about what to do, it helps your child behave right in a difficult situation.

There are several manners to learn. To say thank you, hello or goodbye, receiving gifts, table manners and, last but not least, blow your nose into a tissue just to name a few.

Good manners is a process that takes time, takes practice and a good role model - you. If you roses ask nicely things and say thank you, then you come a long way. Just treat yourself youngest family with respect, providing eye contact, give the child attention when it speaks, treating its possessions carefully and with respect.

It is that simple. Does the child thank you, sorry and I must be allowed often enough, it will fall naturally.

Here are some things you can do to promote good manners:

- Praise and pass all the praise the child gets to be polite.

- Learn and practice it through role-play

- Ask expectations to match the child's age, and remember that all children need time to find themselves comfortable in other people's company.

- Pressure does not work, but it makes reminders.

It takes many years and many reminders before the child can succeed on the polished floors. But he or she reaches it in time.

Teaching manners to kids

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