Styles of Parenting Strict parenting Authoritative parenting

Every parent wishes his child happiness, health, prosperity, good social position, etc. Parents try to pass their experience and knowledge to their child. They make efforts to teach a child the things they consider important in life. Parents set an example of proper behavior and attitudes to their children. As a matter of fact, all the above mentioned in a complex is called parenting . However, the styles of parenting can be different. Definitely, the diversity of people’s characters, cultures, nationalities and religions determines a huge abundance of methods and styles of parenting. However, all the methods have the same aim to raise a viable, socially adapted person, who resembles his parents, or better than them. All the styles of parenting can achieve these results.

Let’s speak about styles of parenting. Depending on the ways of influencing a child we can classify methods and styles of parenting. Here, there are the most essential methods.

Strict parenting.

Styles of Parenting Strict parenting Authoritative parenting

This method of parenting is also called authoritarian or dictatorial parenting. It has come to us from the very remote past. Parents’ absolute domination and children’s total conformity and compliance used to be the norm of strict parenting. The model of existing governmental system was reflected in the families of that time. It looked like “the principal dictator”and the people who were subdued to him. Parents set a number of rules in families, which a child has to comply unconditionally. If a child failed to comply one of the rules, he was supposed to be punished. Punishment is moral humiliation and application of physical force. The child’s feelings and desires are absolutely ignored in strict or authoritarian parenting. Consequently, the aftermaths of such parenting are as follows: the child turns to be an aggressive person with very low self-esteem. Such person is always trying to convince others that he is the best, the most important, his opinion is the only correct one, and that everyone must follow his established rules. Another type of a person who was brought up in this way is as follows: spiritless, weak and incapable of decisive actions.

Indulgent parenting

Styles of Parenting Strict parenting Authoritative parenting
This method is also called permissive. This is an absolutely opposite method to the previously described style of parenting. Here, the child’s feelings and wishes prevail. Parents would do everything in order to satisfy every whim of their child. The rules are set by the child in indulgent parenting. Parents must accomplish child’ rules. The disadvantage of indulgent parenting is that the child doesn’t know what he is not permitted to do. This method is harmful for child, parents, and people around. Also this method fruitfully nurtures people who place their own interests and desires above anything else. Certainly, it can substantially complicate person’s social adaptation.

Authoritative parenting

Styles of Parenting Strict parenting Authoritative parenting

This method is also called democratic parenting or balanced parenting . This method is a two-way interaction between parents and a child. Today, it is the most acceptable style of parenting in our society. This style is based on mutual respect between parents and children. Families, which use this style, set a number of rules that are vital for all family members. Children are supposed to follow these rules because the rules were discussed, understand, agreed and children are not in fear of their parents. Three main approaches of authoritative parenting are based on collaboration, problem discussion and mutual respect. This style of parenting helps the child become an independent and responsible person. The child knows exactly what he is allowed to do and what he is not supposed to. Punishments are reprimands and discussions of the situation; they are also possible limitations of some child’s additional privileges.

We recommend implementing authoritative parenting method. You will learn about another type of parenting style, which is Positive Parenting.

Neglectful parenting

The main features of this style are indifference and inattention. Parent is absolutely uninvolved in his child’s life. He neglects his child’s problems. Usually, these parents are too busy and concerned about their own business that they have no time or desire for their child. The result of such parental behavior will not make you wait long. Children and parents cannot find common ground. They are moving away and eventually become strangers. The most crucial thing is brought up in such family is that the child is very lonely and unhappy.

Attachment parenting

Styles of Parenting Strict parenting Authoritative parenting

There is a very interesting style of parenting as natural parenthoodor attachment parenting . The main basis of it is to establish contact with the child just from his or her birth. Parents should foresee their child’s needs and meet them. Consequently, punishments are not used in attachment parenting. The child is constantly with his parents and totally involved in their life. Everything is based on cooperation and on satisfying the child’s needs.

We hope that this article will help you to decide on style of parenting which is more suitable for your own features and individualities.