Single parents and their obligations how to manage your time

One of the main problems, which most of single parents can face, is a lack of time. Single parent has much more obligations then a family of two parents. You are completely responsible for upbringing of your children and family budget at the same time. In additional, a lot of work at home is added to your routine. How can you find time to rest and care for yourself? How do you manage time correctly and cope with all activities?

Write down all affairs you were engaged in today

In order to understand where you can save time, write down your schedule every day. Analyze, maybe some activities were not important at all. Moreover, it might be possible to cancel them at all or to redirect to another person. It is very beneficial to write down and remember about the work done, meetings and useful information you have got to know today at the end of the day. This puts your thoughts and schedule in order and this helps to find out your direction in life.

Plan your future appointments and activities

Always try to plan your schedule. It will be better to do it on paper. Make notes what you are going to do next week, point out approximate time for fulfillment of every arrangement. This will help you to manage your time correctly. While planning next week, try to be as realistic as possible. That means you should not write down tasks you obviously would not be able to solve. If you do not fulfill some activities from your plan, it will seem that you cannot manage them. Many times single parents discover they are capable of doing more if they keep and follow their schedule.

Define important and not important activities

Single parents and their obligations how to manage your time
Divide your tasks. You have to give priority to the important chores. If you look through a list of your schedule, you will always find important and less important tasks. Mark important ones and do them first. You have to learn how to prioritize and pay necessary attention to most important tasks. If you try to do several tasks at the same time, there exists a great possibility that you will not cope with them. Create “not important and not urgent” category in your schedule than can be on hold for some time.

Fulfill your responsibilities according to their urgency

Single parents have many responsibilities. All of them can be divided in pressing and not pressing. If affair task has restrictions in time, point out the extreme term for it to be fulfilled. Never leave unfulfilled task until the last day. It can take you much extra time. In addition, a range of additional difficulties can appear. You will spend more time on them.

Put distinct measures between work and rest Single parents and their obligations how to manage your time

When you're a single parent , you have to work a lot to make sure you can provide for your family. Distinct measures for work and for rest will help you to cope with stress caused by the lack of time. You work too much, and you have many obligations. Rest is necessary for you; otherwise, your organism will get exhausted and lead your consciousness to depression. Try to find at least 30 minutes a day when you can do what you like or relax. You should have a whole day of thorough rest once in two weeks. On this day, you can play with children, take care of yourself, and relax.

Allocate duties of children to other members of your family

Always try to allocate duties between all members of your family. Your children can help you with house chores and you will get some spare time. Do not be afraid: children’s Single parents and their obligations how to manage your time
duties are not exploitation. It is an all-round preparation for an adult life. If other members of your family, grandmothers, grandfathers, your sisters, or brothers live with you, they canalsotake a part of duties. Correct allocation of duties in a family gives more free time and distributes a load of responsibility.

Find a reliable person to look for children while you are absent.

It is necessary for single parents to find time for themselves, their interests, and desires. That is why find a reliable person who will be able to look after your children while you are absent. Abusy lifestyle exhausts very much. Some private time will become “a life belt” for you and an opportunity to manage your time more effectively.