Sibling Rivalry or the Spirit of Competition in a Family

Sibling Rivalry is a difficult problem in many families. Parents don’t always know how to change kids’ behavior. Neither persuasion nor punishment or ignoring helps. Sibling Rivalry in its clear form is manifestation of the main survival instinct. Children fight for parents’ attention, toys or more comfortable living conditions. A lot depends on the parents and their influence on the kids. In some families, games and chores, as competitions, are practiced. And this lets parents to hold the control over their children’s Sibling Rivalry. Further, we are going to discuss the spirit of competition in a family and your children’s future.

What is the spirit of competition?

The desire to be better is inside every person. It was this desire that contributed to achievement of people’s greatest successes. Competitions determine actions aimed at becoming better or being the first. Children compete with each other to show how good they are. Each child is competing to define who hi is as an individual. In result they see acknowledgement and success.

Motivating children

To achieve good results parents want to make the so-called deal. If you do this and that thing, you will get this. Motivating children avoiding punishment, and giving encouragement will lead to results that are more effective. In families with more than 1 child to achieve a desirable effect parents set competitions who will do better or who will do faster This works quite effective. Having a precise idea about the goal, children strive for bringing it to life. Here the important thing for parents is to determine strictly the limits of what is allowed, moral principles and competition rules. This is done to raise a healthy attitude towards competitions and win or lose without embarrassment.

Learn while playing or play when learning

Sibling Rivalry or the Spirit of Competition in a Family
Many household tasks can be turned into a game where children can compete and do something useful. For example, cleanup their rooms can turn into a captivating activity if parents have determined the condition for children: the one who will clean their room faster and better will walk with friends today for two extra hours. With setting a question this way a child learns to do something good and get a reward for their work. But what to do with the child who lost? In order to prevent the development of a loser complex, they need to be encouraged with a comforting prize and cheered up. It is important to say that they can do and achieve everything.; Next time they put into the task as much effort as their sister or brother did. Explain the child that he is responsible for his successes or failures and it is completely in his power to change the situation. This way, a child learns how to be responsible and not to shift the guilt for the failure to the circumstances of their brother or sister.

Positive consequences of competition spirit

Healthy competition spirit directs Sibling Rivalry into the required channel. It also leads to formation of many positive traits in child’s character. Such quality as purposefulness is developed under competition conditions in a wonderful way. A child sees a goal and tries to achieve it. Improving their skills to reach a goal is also a useful quality. This will help a child to succeed in future life and achieve great successes, as in adult life a child will have to know more and do certain work faster and better. Persistence is another useful quality a child may acquire. With the corresponding parents’ behavior a child will learn to achieve their goal eventually despite all the failures.

Negative consequences of competition spirit

Sibling Rivalry or the Spirit of Competition in a Family
This method of influencing children and rivalry has also negative consequences. Mainly they are connected with parents’ behavior and reaction to children’s achievements and failures in a competition. Especially young children often use instincts and spontaneous impulses to reach a desired result. And sometimes this contradicts moral norms. A desire to win no matter what can lead even to bigger conflicts and Sibling Rivalry .

You should avoid aggravation of Sibling Rivalry; parents will need a lot of patience and constant unbiased control. Parents should always show equal love to all their children, those who lost, and those who won.