Sibling rivalry how to teach a toddler to share toys

If the age difference between the kids isn’t too significant, then their interests and games are pretty similar. Often, sibling rivalries emerge because of toys. They shout, take away their toys from their brother or sister, and even have tantrums. The education of the kids with close ages is not an easy task for a parent. Their interests are about the same, however, the difference in character and temperament makes it absolutely necessary to use an individual approach for each child. How do you stop sibling rivalry and teach a toddler to share toys?

Why kids do not share toys

There are several reasons for sibling rivalry . Conflicts that emerge because of sibling rivalry most often occur while the kids are playing together. Children take away and do not want to share toys. Why do they behave in suchways? First of all, they fight for the attention of their parents. The older child feels a lack of attention from the parents when there is an appearance of a younger kid. This is why the older child wants to establish his dominance and turn his parent’s attention towards him. The younger one mimics the older child, looking at this kind of behavior as a normal.

Another reason is if the parents give a clear preference for one of the children. For example, because he is smaller, sick, or of another gender. Such actions provoke conflicts between children and develop the child’s jealousy.

Comparing kids against each other may also cause aggressive behavior in children while they are playing. In these situations, the parent himself subconsciously creates the conflict situation, which may later develop into sibling rivalry.

How do you teach a toddler to share toys?

Sibling rivalry how to teach a toddler to share toys
From the very beginning, toddlers do not know how to behave themselves in one situation or another, and as a result, in their first year and a half, they closely monitor the surrounding world. An example of the behavior of the mother and father, and watching other children at the playground gives the toddler an idea of how to behave himself or herself, especially when it comes to the sharing of toys.

Start teaching the toddler to share toys as soon as possible

It is possible to teach 2 - 5 year old kids to play with toys in turn. First, your sister will play with the doll, then you, or vice versa. Everyone will play with each toy during their turn. The task for adults is to arrange the rules, without expecting the kids to figure everything out on their own. An adult must make sure that the rules are being followed.

When children absolutely do not want to share toys

Sibling rivalry how to teach a toddler to share toys
If the child’s aggressive mood is causing conflicts such as fights and tantrums, it must be contained. It is possible to do so by having a time-out for both kids or have a time-out for toys . For example, if a conflict occurred because of a teddy bear, it means that either the kids should be let out of the playroom for about 5 minutes and remain on their own, or the teddy bear should be put away, somewhere it will be impossible to reach. After that, you may suggest an order in which kids will play with the teddy bear.

But most importantly parents, show a good example to your kids. Don’t take away their toys by force if you are mad at them or annoyed. Be attentive and be patient with your children.

We hope that this article will help you conquer the sibling rivalry and teach your toddler to share toys.