Sibling Rivalry How to Divide the Childrens Rights Responsibilities

Sibling Rivalry is very common when there is more than one child in the family . Children often quarrel over a mere trifle or even hurt each other. They simply cannot find a common language. One way to resist the competition between siblings is distributing their rights and responsibilities.

Dividing household responsibilities

In order to prevent sibling rivalry and also teach the children to help their parents with chores, it is better to divide responsibilities, while considering the abilities and desires of the children. Sometimes both children do not want to do this or that, which may cause a conflict between them again. In this case, it is necessary to prioritize the duties. For example, the children can do the cleaning in turns: the oldest, the middle, and the youngest. By the way, parents should follow the right performance of all duties by all children equally. In case if parents do not control this, more responsible children will be offended and will complain about the kids who are trying to soldier. As a result, this may be the cause of the conflict, which will only make sibling rivalry worse.

Rights of the Children

Most often, conflicts between children take place at the drop of a hat. For example, ‘who will be the first to press the elevator button’, ‘who will choose the book for general reading, ‘who will pick a cartoon to watch together, or ‘where to go for a walk’. These children’s rights may seem somewhat ‘peanut’ to adults, but in fact, they are very important to the child. What should be done to avoid these conflicts? You can try to define the priority between children. For example, today, ‘you push a button on the elevator’, but ‘you choose a fairy tale’. However, tomorrow this right passes to the brother/sister. Avoid any lies and injustices on the part of any child. Also try to keep an eye on the turn and the behavior of children.

The Day of mother/father and childSibling Rivalry How to Divide the Childrens Rights Responsibilities

It is very good sometimes to make the ‘days-holidays’ for each of the children to improve their self-esteem. That is, today is the day of Mum and Tony. Only ‘two of us go to the movies, to the park or elsewhere’. And ‘your brother/sister will be with dad or grandparents’, etc. In a week, there will be the day of mother and Emmy, and so on. It is important to spend time alone with each child, as it strengthens his personality and provides an opportunity to communicate with a parent without other brothers or sisters. This gives the kid more confidence and a feeling of security in the family. Such activities should be carried out rather carefully, considering the interests of all family members. Otherwise, if you spend more time with one child, this will cause a new wave of sibling rivalry.

Opening communication hours with each child

It is also very beneficial for the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence to provide hours of communication, which are meant for only one child and his parent. Mom or Dad sets the communication hours for each of their children, according to a temporary time schedule. Moreover, each child should receive an equal amount of time for communicating.

Collective workSibling Rivalry How to Divide the Childrens Rights Responsibilities

In order to overcome sibling rivalry, it is possible to involve all family members in collective working such as gardening, creating a family newspaper or any other common hobby. Thus, the parent should make the duties of all children clear. They should also appoint a responsible person in their absence to see who is following certain rules and keeping justice.

By managing these simple guidelines you will reduce the sibling rivalry greatly. Also, you will be able to distribute the children’s rights and responsibilities properly.

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