Psychology and Development of Children at the Age of 10

When your children reach the age of 10 years old, you start more seriously thinking about their psychologyand development .At this age kids start distinguishing their life from childhood and, therefore, they are deciding that they are already adults.


The information represented in this article is not a guide but a general overview of activities and states during children developmentat10 years old. Kids are different and they develop in different ways and at different rates. So, if your child’s development is a part of your worries, or if it is different from your child’s friends’ development , this is not such a big issue to worry about. Just consult your pediatrician, or find a health professional to solve this problem.

Part #1Psychology

Your 10 year old child may have his/her best friend to share secrets and activities, however, relationships with classmates may become more challenging and complicated. This is mostly true for girls. Boys are usually more focused on what they’re doing rather than with whom.

This age can be difficult for some parents because theirchildren start being independent and welcome their love and care less. That should make you check the situations your kid is involved in or companies he/she spends a lot of time on to make sure everything is safe.

Being ten years oldis a brilliant age to be. Children development stage reaches the line when he/she starts worrying that their clothes aren’t cool enough, their gadgets aren’t modern and expensive enough. Also, children lose interest in such family activities as picnics, holidays or outings which they adored several years ago.

Part #2 Physical and SexualDevelopment of Children

Psychology and Development of Children at the Age of 10
Your kid’s body will start changing.


Emotional and physical changes aren’t as important for boys as they are for girls, perhaps, because boys tend to mature physically a bit later. Being 10 years old ,boys try to succeed in different activities, e.x. sports, to prove their competitiveness.


Girls start to grow breasts at the age of 10, their hips take shape and sometimes menstruation begins. When girl’s period begins, they are on the cloud nine because it means she is growing and approaching adolescence. This is the time when she looks at all the women around her and absorbs womanhood which can be both pleasurable and scary. There are also emotional changes connected with puberty, but they are not common.

Part #3 CognitiveDevelopment Of Children

At the age of 10 children start to develop their own view about the world. This is the time of changes, responsibilities for their own actions. Children feel they are adults and try to work out most of the things by themselves. Many kids, due to serious talks with parents, begin to think what High School they should choose and what grades to get.

Part #4 Relationships With Parents

Psychology and Development of Children at the Age of 10
Though this stage ofchild developmentcalls for independence and responsibilities, it can change relationships between kids and parents. Boys are not so close with their mothers anymore, and girls who have had good and open relationships with their dads start to become emotionally distant from them. This happens because the kid’s psychology changes a lot. At the same time mothers and daughters, fathers and sons become closer, have more in common and share lots of things. However, this can be different for single parent families. Those parents who put all their emotional efforts and energy into raising a child may face difficulties. In this case it is very important to have someone to turn to for psychological help . Comforting talks and discussions might open your eyes and create a sympathetic effect.