Preschoolers Green Parenting Ready-Made Solutions for Parents and Caregivers

Green parenting is a matter of conscious parents and educators. Everyone who cares about the future of our Earth tries to change something in the current situation. That is why it isvery importantto teach our children how to preserve and increase the resources of our planet. Next, you will learn different ways, which can help you to explain and show to your child how to save our planet. A child, while playing, will perform simple environmental principles since childhood.

Plant a Tree

Tell children about trees and their role in the life of our planet. Let your child learn in a simple manner that trees produce oxygen. Trees absorb all the excess moisture by their root system and prevent flooding. In addition, trees provide shadow; you can hide under the tree in hot weather. Explain your child that a tree is an important part in the lives of animals and insects. You can also show animals, birds and insects which live in trees. Tell your child about deforestation and how badly it is reflected on our planet. It is a good idea to plant a tree and watch as it grows.

After your exciting story, you can move to practice. Plant a tree together with your child in the park or in the garden. There is a municipal program in which volunteers plant trees in the parks for the greening of our planet . Participation in ”Plant a Tree” program will be a wonderful environmental education lesson for both, your child and you.

Save Electricity

Preschoolers Green Parenting Ready-Made Solutions for Parents and Caregivers

Let kids learn about energy resources. Explain your child that people are reasonable for using and restoring resources of our planet. Highlight that even a small child can save an energy by turning off the light or TV set, when it is not necessary. Inform your child that reducing the electricity cost is very important to our planet. Your kid will feel the importance of saving and helping you save electricity in your house with pleasure.

Save Water

Water is the basis of our life; it’s a unique substance, due to which different forms of life have developed on our planet. However, some water is not drinkable. Supplies of clean drinking water are reduced progressively. What can we do to avoid it? Explain your child that reasonable expenditure of tap water will help in this matter greatly. But how can we save water? For example, do not allow water to flow from the faucet without purpose. A kid can examine all faucets at home and find out whether the water is dripping from them, and inform parents about it.

Don’t Throw Away Trash

One of the most difficult goals is purity of our planet. People throw tons of garbage daily; it turns into a great problem. Recycle and reuse of things are solutions of this problem. However, along with the municipal dump garbage there are many spontaneous dumps. Persuade children that it is too bad for the planet to leave trash everywhere. Sometime people go to the countryside to relax and then leave a lot of garbage after them. It’s better to gather all the garbage in a bag and throw it in the designated place. Also, teach children the basic types of waste sorting and reasonable garbage division into paper, glass, metal and food waste. Explain them that various types of trash are recycled in different ways.

Preschoolers Green Parenting Ready-Made Solutions for Parents and Caregivers

Tell Your Friends how to Take Care of Our Planet

You can offer your kids to share all exciting information about protection of our planet with their friends. It’s remarkable when children discuss a good idea, try to follow it and tell their friends about it.

The future of our planet is in our hands. We must take the responsibility, make right decisions and benefit our planet. If our green parenting is ecologically correct, we will be able to leave a lovely clean house which is called Earth after ourselves.