Pregnancy and a Cat at Home Diseases You Can Catch from your Cat

A cat is a wonderful pet. It’s a soft fluffy purring creature, rubbing itself against your legs and seeking a warm place in your lap to curl up into a ball. However, if you are planning your pregnancy , it will be beneficial for you to pay attention to certain measures of precaution for you and your cat. Cats can transmit some serious diseases. Further, we are going to discuss common cat diseases that are dangerous for a person and especially for a pregnant woman. Also you will learn about measures of precaution that should be followed during pregnancy if you have a cat at home .

You Cat and your Health.

There are some diseases from cats.


This is probably the most famous and wide-spread disease from cats where the parasite bearers in the long run are exactly cats. Toxoplasma parasite penetrates into the cells of a living organism; hit the central nervous system and other organs of the organism. You can get infected with toxoplasmosis directly from a sick animal.

For example, cleaning a cat’s toilet, cat’s excrements may contain the pathogenic parasite. Actually in the intermediate developing stage toxoplasma may parasitize in the organisms of many animals, however, through the contact with them or with a sick person the parasite isn’t transmitted.

However, the consumption of raw meat or eggs can cause toxoplasmosis. It is very dangerous for a pregnant woman because toxoplasmosis is passed to the unborn baby through placenta.

Granuloma Molare

It’s an infectious disease occurring when a cat scratches or bites a person. The bearer of Rochalimea bacteria is a cat. The bacterium gets into a human organism through damaged skin. The disease is revealed by the swelling of lymphatic nodes, festering in the place of a scratch or a bite, that in especially severe cases turn into abscess or fistula. For pregnant women the disease is dangerous only in severe cases because the treatment with antibiotics is needed.

Helminthiasis is Diseases from Cats and from Other Pets

Helminthiasis is the infection of the organism with helminthes parasites. There are more than 350 kinds of helminthes, which can parasitize in a human organism. Cats are bearers of the following most wide-spread kinds of helminthiasis: opisthorchiasis, diphyllobothriasis, toxocariasis. All these parasitic diseases destroy a person’s organism, especially a pregnant woman. Medications that forbidden during pregnancy are used to treat these diseases. Therefore, be self-aware of your surroundings.


This is the most dangerous disease that doesn’t have treatment. Rabies virus is transmitted from an infected animal through saliva. The contact of saliva with any skin damage can cause this disease. The virus’s goal is the central nervous system of the infected organism. There are preventive measures, which are taken right after the bite. To prevent rabies in domestic animals there are vaccinations, which will perfectly protect you and your family from this disease. As for street animals, always be careful, especially if you are expecting a baby .

Precaution measures during pregnancy if you have a cat at home

If you are planning pregnancy, there’s no need to be scared and try to get rid of your cat through tears and soul tortures. You need to follow these measures of precaution:

1. Visit your vet. You need to check your cat for toxoplasmosis and helminthiasis. If any of these diseases is found in a cat, it should be treated.

2. If your cat is healthy or has recovered after these diseases, you still need to control them.

3. Exclude raw meat and eggs from the cat’s meals.

4. Limit the cat’s contact with other street animals.

5. Make rabies vaccination and re-vaccination for your cat.

6. Follow hygiene rules:

Don’t kiss the cat.

Don’t let the cat get on the table and into your bed.

Wash your hands after the contact with the cat.

Make the cat’s tray cleaning in disposable gloves or make another family member do this.

Don’t let the cat scratch or bite you.

7. If you are not sure that you can protect yourself from the diseases with the above-mentioned methods, give your pet to your relatives or friends while you are pregnant.