Postpartum Depression Your Child as the Best Medicine

About 60% of women, who have given birth, are prone to postpartum depression. This is a painful feeling of fatigue, which overwhelms a woman completely. Sometimes it seems that these are the hardest times ever experienced. This depressing feeling makes a woman either apathetic or irritable. Her consciousness is confused, and the boundaries of the day and night are simply washed out. In addition, there is constant lack of sleep, as well as pain after a difficult childbirth. All this may contribute to an unbalance any person. Postpartum depression makes a woman weak and helpless. About 10% of women have postpartum depression, which manifests itself in anxiety, complete apathy, aggressive behavior towards her husband and even her own child. Next, we will describe how to deal with this condition.

Do Not Go Through It Alone

Many mothers, who were accustomed to doing all the housework before the childbirth, tend to continue to do everything at the same pace. They think that the baby needs extra comfort and cleanliness, especially now. This is true, but being a healthy and happy mother is much more important, at least during the post-childbirth period. Therefore, try to delegate your own responsibilities to other members of the family to be with the baby. Try to relax and not make a fuss. What could be more important than a new person, who was given life because of you?

Walk Morewith the Baby

In order to get away from it all, try to take long walks in the fresh air. Move as much as possible. After a good walk, it is best to choose a beautiful park, where you can sit, relax in silence, read a book, or even listen to music.

Postpartum Depression Your Child as the Best Medicine

Eat Well

Postpartum depression causes a poor appetite, as well as low spirits and depression. In order to avoid this vicious circle, you need to make some effort. Remember, your baby needs your full-value diet, as well as a healthy, happy mother.

Try to Get Good Sleep as Soon as Possible

Lack of sleep is the most common problem faced by young parents . Therefore, rest at the first opportunity. Sleeping restores vitality, improves lactation, and strengthens the immune system.

Take Care of Yourself

You may say: ‘I do not have time for this!’ And yes, it will be true, as it is very difficult to spare a couple of minutes to take time out and be alone. However, to minimize the postpartum depression, you need to make yourself attractive. Ask the baby’s father, grandmother, grandfather, friend, or neighbor to stay with your baby, while you visit a masseur or a hairdresser.

Share Experiences with Other Young Mommies

Postpartum Depression Your Child as the Best Medicine
Get acquainted with the same new moms like you, for example, while walking. Share your experience with them and talk about your anxieties and joys. Common interests pull people together and help relieve mental stress.

You can also contact the groups in which trainings on postpartum depression are conducted. There, you will surely find someone to share your fears and anxieties with.

Your Baby Is the Best Medicine

Be with the baby most of your time.

Keep a diary of your child’s success.

Be open-minded and enjoy his new skills day by day.

Dream about the future of your baby.

We hope that postpartum depression will become just a memory very soon.

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