Permissive Parenting Reasons and Consequences

Permissive Parenting hides some undesirable consequences in child’s life. What principles do liberal parents follow? What are the reasons of permissiveness? What kind of person will be a child who never knew discipline become? We will try to answer these questions.

Permissive Parenting or what principles do liberal parents follow?

What is Permissive Parenting ? There are parents’ liberal attitudes to child’s upbringing. A child does not have responsibilities. All his wishes are fulfilled, andparents gradually become marionettes in this little human’s hands.

Liberal parents place child’s interests above their own ones.

On the one hand, the wish to give a child all the best is a natural instinct of society’s survival. However, when parents’ desire crosses the border of sensible and turns into obsession, it resembles idolatry, where a child is an idol, and his parents admire and serve him.

What a child wants that he gets.

A child gradually becomes a little dictator, who manipulates his parents as he wishes. No matter what a child wants, parents will do their utmost to satisfy his needs.

Blind love to a child

All parents love their children. However, they understand that a child must be prepared for real life, so they gradually teach him to follow established rules and respect other people’s opinions and interests. Boundless love does not let liberal parents restrict their child in anything. Even if they establish rules of behavior, they are usually absolutely not consistent and do not insist on following them.

Coaxing with presents

Permissive Parenting Reasons and Consequences
When parents need their child to do something, they usually persuade him with promises and presents.

What are the reasons of permissiveness or connivance in child’s upbringing?

Parents had strict parents in their past.

Sometimes people who experienced constant psychological tension from their parents’ side or were cruelly punished in their childhood absolutely deny strict methods of upbringing. However, not knowing boundaries between strictness and natural discipline, they gradually lose control of the educational process.

Feeling of guilt

Feeling of guilt is the main reason of a mild attitude to a child. It appears as a result of realizing that you cannot pay enough attention to your child. Parents are too full of activity with their activities, business or work in our days. A desire to compensate a lack of attention and time appears deeply in sub consciousness. It starts with small indulgences and ends in permitting everything a child wants.

Feeling of tiredness

Numeral problems in adult’s life, constant stress and other difficulties deprive parents of any moral forces to resist child’s whims. Child’s upbringing is an incessant process requiring responsibility and persistence. A exhausted parent is just not able to be persistent in making a child follow established rules.


It is likely that liberal parents may just not think of consequences of permissive parenting. How would it influence a child’s future life?

Consequences of Permissive Parenting or what will be with the child who did not know discipline and responsibility for his actions?

Consequences of permissive parenting will not make you wait for too long. A child who is always pleased is absolutely not ready for real life in the society. He is not used to get anything using his own labor, because the only thing he had to do was to ask. A child used to be a center of attention for his parents and expects the same from other people.


Being spoilt a child becomes susceptible and cannot confront problems. It is very difficult for children who were brought up this way to achieve success in life, as they are not used to working in order to get the desired result.

Inability to reach the stated objective with his own efforts

Permissive parenting allows a child to get everything he wants without putting any effort. That is why it will be difficult for him to realize the fact that other people do not owe him anything, so he must exert himself and do something to achieve the desirable. A target will not become closer without aspiration and work. It is only those who persistently try to achieve the goal will succeed.

Permissive Parenting Reasons and Consequences

Absence of discipline

Absence of discipline influences person’s successfulness in the mature age. It will be very difficult for a child who is not used to follow the rules to join the society and follow generally accepted rules of life.

Overestimated self-appraisal

Overestimated self-appraisal is the result of deep egocentrism, which is quite possible for a child, who was brought up by methods of permissive parenting. It implies ignoring other people’s interests and a firm belief that everything goes around him.

All the above mentioned reasons and consequences are negative, so Permissive Parenting is not desirable for children’s upbringing.