Neglect of a child causes and effects

The neglect of a child ;happens in our day-to-day lives. An inattentive upbringing is a major reason for problems in our society. People who grow up in an environment of indifference with a lack of parental or guardian care, can become criminals, drug addicts , and alcoholics more often. The studies of scientists in the field of psychology indicate that 95% of seasoned criminals didn’t get proper attention, love, and care from their parents in their childhood.

The neglect of a childis a sight that is not only witnessed in unhappy families as it’s thought to be. In many functioning families, many of which have a rather high status, the parents know almostnothing about their children. They rarely communicate with their children, spend little time with them, and try not to go deep into their children’s problems. The causes of such parents’ behavior are absolutely various, as are the effects of an inattentive bringing up. A lot depends on the conditions of the children, the parents’ lifestyle, and the degree of indifference.

Neglect of a child: causes

There are a few causes for why parents neglect their children and don’t give them much attention.

Physiological peculiarity

An interesting fact shows that underage, single mothers in tough conditions with a lack of support behave differently with their newborn children. Some give away the child for adoption right away, while others, in spite of the coming difficulties, are ready to love and take care of the child. The sense of motherhood, as many other human senses, is managed by hormone production. Particularly, the hormone prolactin stimulates the sense of motherhood in a mother. The lack of this and other hormones may provoke the indifference of a mother to her own child at the initial stage of motherhood. Breast feeding stimulates the production of this hormone.

Neglect of a child causes and effects
An example of an upbringing from your own parents or tutors

The upbringing of your own parents or tutors has a very big influence. A person, who grew up in an environment of indifference, considers this behavior a norm and that’s why he/she treats his/her own children the same way as his/her parents treated him/her.

Various dependences

A dependency enslaves a person completely, and isolates them from the family and society. Drug addiction, alcoholism, play-mania are all vices that makes a person weak, irresponsible, and asocial. It’s unhappiness for a child to have their parents’ indifference towards the needs of the children, including a total lack of responsibility, and sole satisfaction of the parents’ own desires at the expense of their dear and near ones. Children often get neither love, nor care, nor material well-being in such families. The future of children that grow up in an environment of an inattentive upbringing is hardly wonderful. They get everything through toil, which leads them to either become very strong people (which happens quite rarely) or turn asocial, unable to create normal family relationships.

A lack of time is the main reason for a lack of attention towards children

No matter how strange it may sound, children receive less attention and care from parents who love them sincerely. Their love is expressed in the desire to give their children the maximal materials for well-being. They work 20 hours out of 24 each day to provide for the family. They don’t have time to communicate with their children. These parents can provide many goods for their child, but they forget that a child needs their parents’ attention and communication. The higher a parent is on the career ladder, the further he/she strays from the child. Dear parents, remember that your communication with the child is as important for him/her as food, clothes, and an education.

Neglect of a child: effects

Neglect of a child causes and effects

The consequences of an inattentive upbringing may lead to major problems for a child and influence all of his/her life in the future.

Children are not acquainted with the main rules of society, which can create problems of social character.

Children are not self-confident because they don’t feel that they are loved and appreciated.

Children treat the surrounding world with indifference.

Children may grow irresponsible and dishonest.

Children, who do not feel the love and support of their parents, are more inclined to commit suicide.


The neglect of a childis the most negative thing that can happen in a family. Dear parents, spend more time with your children, talk to them, pass on your life experiences, support them in difficult situations, and teach them discipline and responsibility. When your child grows up, you will see what a wonderful person you helped shape.

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