Natural cleaning products can successfully replace chemical ones

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Can natural cleaning products substitute chemical ones? Much is written about the harm of various additives that are abundant in modern detergents. What do we wash ourselves with? What do we do laundry with or clean at home? The majority of people become victims of commercials about magic shampoos, mousses, remedies for floor washing, etc. Most often people consciouslybuy solutions with an intense pleasant fragrance and beautiful color, without really thinking of how many harmful substances such a product contains. In the race for the best products, the producers are ready to use practically anything to attract the customers’ attention. Many chemical additives in detergents are harmful to the body of an adult person, not to mention a little child . What’s an alternative to detergents? Mother nature has answers to this question. Below, we are going to address some natural cleaning products.

Natural cleaning products: Saponaria officinalis L

Soapwort is a wonderful detergent. This plant contains saponins. Saponins are substances which create foam when shaken up in water. This foam is a great cleansing solution. To make soapy solution, you may use the plants’ leaves and flowers. The maximum content of saponins is found in the soapwort’s root. To make the soapy solution, the root of a dried up soapwort is taken and grounded into powder. Then, the powder may be added to warm water and shaken up. You will get a good foamy solution.

Soapwort is applied for body and hair wash, laundry, and cleaning.

Natural cleaning products: Soap nut the fruits of a soap tree Sapindus

Natural cleaning products can successfully replace chemical ones

The fruits of a soap tree have been used by people as a detergent since ancient times. All the tree parts contain a soapy substance called saponin. However, the highest concentration of saponins is found in the tree’s fruits. They are called soap berries or soap nuts.

A way to make soapy solution out of soap nuts

Natural cleaning products can successfully replace chemical ones
Take shells of 10-12 soap nuts and put them into a little linen bag. Pour 1 pint of water into an enameled vessel. Boil the bag in water for 10-15 minutes. When water cools down to 113F, take the bag out and crush the nuts. Dip out and squeeze the bag with the soap nuts a few times, so that the nuts will convey the maximal quantity of saponins to the solution. Then, take the bag with the soap nuts out of the solution. Bring the solution to a boil. The solution may be kept in a cool place for about 2 weeks.

Soap nuts may be applied for a bath, body, and hair wash. By putting 5-6 soap nuts into a washing machine, you can do the linen laundry. A concentrated solution of soap nuts protects from mosquitoes and other insects’ bites. The solution must be applied to the open body areas, let to dry. The effect will last for 2 hours.

Natural cleaning products: MustardNatural cleaning products can successfully replace chemical ones

Mustardas a spicy seasoning is a blend of mustard powder and other ingredients. However, mustard powder may be used outside of cooking purposes. As a matter of fact, mustard is a good absorbent of fat and a wonderful antiseptic. These properties make the powder from mustard seeds a detergent. The powder is used for washing dishes, doing laundry, and even washing hair..

How do you apply mustard?

For hair wash, you will need 2 tablespoons of mustard powder diluted in 1 pint of warm water. The solution of water with mustard doesn’t produce foam, however, it removes fats and microbes.

To wash dishes by hand, pour the powder on the sponge and rub across any fatty surfaces. For laundry, 3 ounces of mustard are put into a washing machine for every 10 pounds of linen. Set the cycle for an additional rinse. For hand laundry, add 0.5 ounces of mustard powder into 1 quart of warm water.

We hope you will enjoy using Natural cleaning products. This will protect your family’s health and help our planet .