Internet safety for kids

Internet safety for kids
The Internet or the worldwide web can be a source of useful information as well as a unsafe weapon of ill-minded people. Nevertheless, the Internet has recently become an inseparable part of the family’s life. Why is Internet safety for kids necessary? What dangers may your child face which might affect their development? How do you guard your child from harmful information on the worldwide e web?

What dangers does the Internet hide for a child:

Addiction. A child turns into a web-surfer. He cannot answer questions without using Google. He spends all his time on various web-sites.

On the Internet, one can get an access to pornography, smoking and alcohol propaganda, and violence in online games. Even the mostharmless sites can have banners of vulgar quality and meaning simply for advertising purposes.

Internet swindle. Stealing a user’s personal data, using his account for spam, hacking attacks, etc. Even adults using the Internet cannot always deal with these problems.

Sexual harassment. By participating in various chats and social networks, your child can encounter pedophilia, which may negativelyaffect a child’s future sexual education or behavior.

Now we will give some bits of advice , which will help you guard your child from dangers of the Internet.

1. Explain what is allowed to be done on the Net and what is forbidden

Trust-based relationships between parents and their children are important when you explain what they are not allowed to be do. When a child knows what to watch out for and what is inappropriate, he can be trusted and even the following actions won't be necessary since your child can already distinguish harmful information from useful data. The most important things is that, if your child does not understand what is harmful for them and what is not allowed, the child will find a way to bypass your restrictions.

2. Install a parental control program

Nowadays, there exists many programs specifically for parental control. Many of them are a part of an antivirus program. Some parental control features are already provided in the operation system. Here are the TOP-5 programs for parental control:

  • Net Nanny Parental Controls
  • McAfee Safe Eyes
  • McAfee Family Protection
  • PureSight PC
  • CYBERsitter
  • CyberPatrol

3. Use a searching browser for children

There are also searching browsers for children. Their main focus is to restrict the list of accessible sites when your child looks for information. Access is only allowed to trusted websites. These search engines are effective for children of elementary school age.

4. Set time limits for Internet use

Set strict limits for your child’s access to the internet. Of course, parental control programs will do that for you. However, it is good when a child is sensible and can plan free time.

5. Restrict child’s access to adult social networks and chats

Currently, there exist many of social networks, various chats, and forums which are full of harmful information. This spoils child’s consciousness, distracting him or her from more important things. On social networks and chats, a child can also encounter sexual harassment which will negatively influence his state of mind.

6. Control the information downloaded by your child

Control the information downloaded by your child. It can contain harmful viruses or advertised products featuring vulgar content.

7. Explain to your child that there are many ways of earning money on the Internet are either illegal, or inappropriate

While growing up, children try to earn money. This is natural and even beneficial, as it prepares them for their future adult life. More and more slogans such as “Earn a lot of money now!” appear on the Internet. Such slogans are usually used by swindlers, who can make profit on your child’s lack of experience. In this light, it becomes necessary to explain to your child that there are ways of earning money online that can be illegal or immoral. Ask your child to consult you before starting something.

8. Always be aware what online games your child plays

Internet safety for kids

Online games are one of the potential addictions for most children nowadays. A game can attract a child to its virtual spaces to the point that you will have to seek out a specialist for help. Always be aware what games your child plays. Cruel violence in games can lead to cruelty in real life. There are too many gloomy examples of children’s violence to allow children to spoil their mind and life.

9. Plan your child’s free time outside of the Internet

Try to plan your child’s free time that they would be busy in real life rather than the virtual world. Engage them in various sports, walking tours, and entertaining events. Let your child live a full and interesting life so that there is no need to search for an alternative on the Internet.

It is only you who can take care of Internet safety for your kids.