How can a single father overcome difficulties

Once having become a single father you will immediately face a lot of difficulties. You need to support the family financially, bring up your child and manage a household. To bring up a child alone is a difficult and responsible task. The difficulty is that you must not only have time for everything, but also give your child enough time and attention. Sometimes this task seems to be insurmountable.

Lack of mother's attention

The main problem of broken families is that lack of parent's attention strongly influences child's emotional and psychological state. It is even more complicated, if your wife is gone and your child lost his mother. Anyway, only father's strong love to his children can compensate losing their mother or her leaving the family. Now the father is the only one your child has, and you must be very attentive and responsive to him / her.

Lack of finances

The problem of lack of finances usually takes the first place. Father has to work very hard in order to support the family. You need to search for additional sources of income; it is desirable that second job will not take too much time from your family time. Now you are entirely responsible for your family budget and must plan your expenses carefully. Keep tabs on income and costs amounts and always try to spend 10% less than you earn. That will help you to spare a certain sum of money which may be useful in case of emergencies. Write down all your costs and analyze them at the end of the month. You will probably notice some unnecessary expenses.

Lack of time

How can a single father overcome difficulties
Lack of time is a major problem for everyone. However, it is especially critical for a single parent. How should you plan your free time? You need to talk to your child, teach him / her something useful, and manage a household. But you can combine everything by doing house chores together with your child and at the same time having a pleasant talk with him / her. Furthermore, it is very useful to introduce children to work. Common work strengthens family relationships.

Find common interests and you will have fun spending time together. You have to choose one day or half a day per week when you are able to relax together with your child.

Think of some weekly rites, such as, for example, sport game or going to the movie, or bowling, or a swimming pool. Children are always looking forward to such events, and it leaves a bright impression for the rest of their lives.

Find a worthy helper

How can a single father overcome difficulties
It is very difficult for you to cope with the burden of responsibility and lots of different things which you are supposed to do. So if you have such an opportunity, it is better to find someone who will help you. Someone from your direct surroundings, e.g. your mother, father or sister would be perfect. But if it is impossible, you should look for professional help. It will cost you some money, but many problems will be solved. You may hire a housemaid to partially get rid of housework or a nanny for your child, especially if he is very little.

You may find the right person either through personnel services or friends' recommendations. Anyway, you must make sure that the person you are going to invite to your house matches your requirements, has good recommendation and had a background checked.

Sexual education of your child

How can a single father overcome difficulties
Another difficulty which a single father may face is sexual education of his child. Father is always closer to his son, so if you have a son, it will be easy for you to explain all peculiarities of a man's development to him. However, your son may have mixed feelings to women, especially if his mother left for another family.

You must persuade your son that women, as well as relationships with them, can be wonderful and everything in his life will go very well. If you have a daughter, it might be more challenger to discuss the same topic. You will have to get acquainted with psychological questions of a growing up girl in greater detail. You will have to study not only possible psychological problems of a teenage girl, but also physical changes.

There are many books in child psychology and development. Don't be shy to talk with your daughter about relationships with the opposite sex. No one but you will be able to form the right point of view on relationships between men and women.