Grandparents as Parents How to Cope with New Difficulties

Grandparents as parents tend to get many responsibilities for young children care. There may be a situation in your family that your children cannot bring up their children themselves. In this case, you have taken both interesting and heavy responsibility on yourselves. In this case, you may meet some difficulties and drastic changes in your usual life. How do you cope with these new complexities of grandparents as parents?

Lack of time for private matters

Up bringing by grandparents as parents takes much time. Earlier, they devoted this time to some personal things but now they have to take care of grandchildren. As a result, there is no free time left. How do you cope with this problem?

You will fully review your concerns and hobbies. Write them all on paper and sort them by importance. It is better to make a plan of what you can do when the kids are sleeping or walking and what you can do together with them. It will also be good to divide household responsibilities between all the family members.

Little time to chat with friends and other family members

There is too little time left for communicating with friends and other family members when you become grandparents as parents. You steep yourself in caring for your grandchildren and grow apart from social life. In order to improve the situation, you can organize collective walks, picnics or hikes to the children’s centers, where grandchildren will be busy with games and you may chat with your friends and family. It is necessary to arrange at least one day off per week. Let parents give grandparents some rest at their weekends, taking the children. If it is not possible, then invite a nanny or other family member to take care of the grandchildren on your day off.

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep can lead to many diseases. First of all, it affects the human nervous system. In addition, cardio-vascular and immune systems suffer too. In older age, lack of sleep becomes more obvious. Therefore, grandparents as parents just need to have enough sleep because the lack of it will do a lot of harm to health as well as make them physically inactive.

If children are little, they sleep in the afternoon. So, try to go to sleep also. This will strengthen your health and give you the needed energy.

Constant noise and cries of children at home

When there are little children in the house of grandparents, it’s impossible to avoid noise and cries. In order to wear off a contrast, you can turn on some light pleasant music, which will either create a good mood or train the kids’ musical taste.

Round-the-room toys

Little grandchildren play with toys all at once and in different places, throwing one toy and playing with the other. As a result, it may seem that toys are everywhere, which creates a mess and inconvenience. Try to separate a playing zone for grandchildren in your home and teach them to play only at this very place. After the game, you may also remove all toys to their places by means of the game.

More dirt and disorder in the house

Some rules for the kids will help you to avoid excess dirt and disorder in the house.

Do not let your grandchildren run around with food and drinks in the house to avoid unwanted stains on upholstered furniture, carpets and walls.

Keep pens, markers and pencils out of young grandchildren’s reach; otherwise, walls and furniture will come to harm.

Remove the plants from accessible places because the soil from the flowerpots will be scattered everywhere.

Considerable tiredness

Being grandparents as parents, you will feel permanent responsibility and experience physical activity. This leads to extreme fatigue. Sometimes you may feel very bad but kids do not understand this or that. So, try to relax as much as possible by asking someone to walk with your grandchildren, thus having a rest yourself. Take care of yourself!

Also, find out about the child’s safety in the grandparent’s house.