Grandparents and grandchildren a unique relationship

Grandparents and grandchildren: a unique relationship.

Complicity to measure their age difference: immense. 4 to 89 years, they reflect the unbreakable bond that unites them without conflict or rivalry.

Many of them have a nickname, "Grandma", "Grandpa" ... Each tells a story full of sweetness, delicacy and infinite tenderness. Testimony tells how their grandchildren and grandparents today live that rejuvenates and more accomplices than ever.

Each story is unique. The relationship of Elizabeth and her granddaughter Margaret is almost maternal. It is an accomplice and fun for William and Daniel, friendly and deep for Helen and Alice, footprint of modesty and serenity for Pierre and Nathalie, and between Mary and Robert it is a reciprocal initiation...

This relationship was so special and stronger than ever, according to Claudine Attias Donfut, sociologist and director of research at the National Insurance Old Age. "Grandparents and grandchildren have moved from a hierarchical relationship cooperative relationship and deep communication.”They have become the pillars emotional walls to the fragility of contemporary family often unstructured.

Grandparents and grandchildren a unique relationship

Evidence, Mary and Robert

Mary, 64: "It is already in another world, and it is this world of the future he introduces me"

"In a poem, Khalil Gibran says it is useless to try to mold children in our image, but should rather try to understand" because they already live in the house of tomorrow. “This is exactly what I feel with Robert: he is already in another world and this is the world of the future that I initiated. Specifically, he told me about Pokemon, Rugrats, and how to make use of the Game Boy ... I work surrounded by people that are young, I am even more aware of the trends thanks to him, I am in direct contact with what is more modern. It is important for my work, but not only on a personal level. The future is quite extraordinary.”

Robert, age 7: "When we play, I explain how to do it and I let a little win"

"She did things with me when my parents are not able to because they work. It is very rare that we play football together, but there are a lot of games. We also played with the PlayStation. I was the one who taught him. What is good is that it’s less severe than my parents; I have the right to do more things with it. For example, sometimes my parents did not want me to watch television, but Grandma wants to. She looks at me and she asks me questions. When I play with Grandma, it's not like the children of my age because she cannot do things well. I’m sure I am better than her so I explain how to do it. And a little gain is normal. "

Evidence, Elizabeth and Margaret Grandparents and grandchildren a unique relationship

Elizabeth, 89 years: "With everything she tells me, I do not feel detached from life"

"She is the daughter of my eldest son. So from birth, I felt a great satisfaction. Today, as soon as it happens, it is a delight. The magic is there with all my grandchildren, but as I raised Margaret some time, maybe it knows more. I love it when she tells me what she does and her worries. A girl of 20 years who comes to you dressed, wearing as it is, with his thoughts on life ... all this is a great enrichment. I'm a little older, then even if I go out as much as I can, it is not in the same way she did. With everything she tells me, I do not feel detached from life, I feel it. This helps me in this register. '

Margaret, 20 years: "It gives me wisdom and guides me to the right choice"

"I lived at home between the ages of 7 and 9 years for the divorce of my parents . Brushing teeth, combing hair, putting milk on the face ... All these rituals are automatic in the evening when you are high, and it was she who has taught me. She also was the one who came to pick me up after school when I was enrolled in music theory and dance. It helped me sleep without fear ... It was the security I lacked. Often, the smell of my childhood comes back to me. All memories that I have with my grandmother and me are good. Today, she has the gift to appease me. She pampers me by preparing a meal in the strawberry jam and I become a little girl. At the same time, I tell her about everything. She brings wisdom and guides me to the right choices. Yes, this is my lucky star.

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