Effects of single parenting

What are effects of single parenting? Elective single mothers feel a need to defend their choice. The surroundings are still judgmental of single mothers, and it reflects society's priorities.

The chosen single mothers defending such their decision that it is better for a child to grow up with a self-chosen single mother than with parents who constantly argue, or who are divorced and therefore makes the kids to commuters.

They are typically up in the 30s, has training and jobs in place, but the perfect man has not arrived. The latter elect more women to ignore and resorted instead to artificial insemination. But despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, the condemnation of single mothers still present to some degree.

A new thesis from Sociology at the University authored by Mary Stevens explores the process behind the decision to become self-chosen single mother, and there are many considerations into play.

I threw myself on the subject, because the research is underexposed, says Mary Stevens who themselves know several women who have chosen to have children through artificial insemination.

I had followed the public debate and thought it seemed simplistic. These women are portrayed as selfish and demanding, and therefore I would like to contribute to a more nuanced picture, says Mary Stevens.

Male educators

Not least the fear that the decision to become single parents to harm the baby, dominate the process leading up to the decision taken. What are the consequences it could have for a child to grow up without a father present and without having the opportunity to know his biological father? Will it affect the child's identity and ability to form social relationships and do well in relationships?

Women think a lot of these factors, says Mary Stevens, which emphasizes that the absence of danger applies regardless of whether there is an open or anonymous sperm donation. For even if the donor is known, requires the man to only one contact with the child, and only after the age of 18.

Therefore, many women deliberately send their children to daycare with male teachers or to make arrangements with men of their own network, says Mary Stevens.

The nuclear family is considered by many as the best starting point for a child's upbringing, and it is perceived as wrong to deliberately choose to put a child into the world that doesn’t get a present father. Therefore women feel that they must defend their choice both for themselves and for the environment. And often defends women their decision that it is better for a child to grow up with a self-chosen single mother than with parents who constantly argue, or who are divorced and so do the kids to commuters. But there is in fact also an outer defense of the environment, which is not always so understanding that women could desire.

For even in our time perceived nuclear family as the best solution:

And it also applies to some of the women themselves. Therefore, they need to defend themselves, says Mary Stevens who has personally been surprised by the resistance to these women's choice, as reflected in the media.

They have all times been single mothers. Previously it's just done in a slightly different way, namely by that is gone out of the city and become pregnant. It is as if it actually today is a more accepted model, she says.

Also in the public system looks different on self-selected single mothers. For example, they are not receiving the special child support other single mothers do. It arouses indignation among some of the women who Mary Stevens has interviewed for her thesis.

... Those who then become pregnant by a one night stand, they get the grant, and we do others do not. What kind of a signal god, where it is ridiculous, as formulated by one of the women.

The optimal relationship

In the United States called the Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) or simply choice mothers.

According to the American scientist Thomas Knoll exist in the United States a single-mother-hierarchy, where the ranking is based on two aspects: Are women to blame for that they are single mothers? And how close they come into force in nuclear family ideal type? Widows who are completely blameless in that they are single, thus ranks highest. Then there are women who are single because of poor men who do not take responsibility as a husband, father and breadwinner. At the bottom of the hierarchy ranks unmarried single teenage mothers and mothers who have opted out of the nuclear family.

When these women is the least because, according to Knoll that they are perceived as a threat to the prevailing power relations between the sexes. And according to Mary Stevens, political decision in the United States to withdraw the chosen single mothers the special child interpreted as part of the non-acceptance of this group.

And many look down on the fact that these women defy the requirement for a father and a mother. There are negative effects of single parenting . They are considered selfish and morally deranged, says Mary Stevens and suggest that foreign studies show that children of self-selected single mothers doing well:

It determines whether a child gets a good upbringing is greatly resources both social and economic. And there was the chosen single mothers stand strong.

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Effects of single parenting