Educational games for toddlers of one year old and up six useful games for kids

Educational games for toddlers are a great way to teach your baby.The child learns more during the game then by any other methods. If your child has fun and is excited, then the information he received will "settle deeper into the depths of his memory."If you want to have a smart child, play with him.

However, while playing with the baby, parents should know:

1. Little children cannot concentrate on a single object or action for too long.So try to limit the time of play to 15 minutes maximum.It will be difficult for your child to concentrate for longer periods of time.

2. It is best not to play with your child if he is hungry, sleepy or in a bad mood.This playtime will not be productive.Your child will be fussy and will not show much interest in what you explain or show to him.

3. If your baby has lost interest in the game, then quickly put away everything you played with and switch his attention to something else.

4. Do not leave your child unattended with props for the games, as small parts, cereals, glue, etc. Small parts arevery dangerous for the baby!

Game 1. A Magicbox

Take acardboard boxwith the cover.Put 5 to 10objects with differentcharacteristics inside.Choose items that are medium in size. Pick a ball, a block, a smallpiece of cloth,a dolly,a teddy bearor a bunny, etc.They should bedifferent colors and textures, preferably.
Tell your child you havea very interestingboxand ask himto look inside.Letthe kid open thebox and take out one object. Explain him whathe has in his hands.Be sure to draw his attention totheform,name and colorof the object.

Educational games for toddlers of one year old and up six useful games for kids

One-year-oldchildren stillmanagecolors poorly.The concept ofcolor will cometoyour childnot sooner than at 1½ years of age. Then move to second object if child is still interested in this game.

Game 2.Learningabout body parts

Putyour toddlerin front of you.Take adollyand show body parts to the baby.Start withthe head. "Ourdollyhaseyes!"Show thedolly's eyes. "Look,Marycan close hereyes with her hands.""Mommy haseyes too!" Show youreyes."Where's(child’s name)’s eyes?” “Herethey are!" Close baby’s eyes with his hands. Then move to other part of baby until youlearn allparts of the body.Make a pointof laughing and chargingyour childwithjoy during the game so it will be fun and exciting for both of you.

Game 3.Introduceanimals to your baby

If you haveanimal toys you can use them for a game.If not, you canuse colorfulpicturesof animals instead.Chooseseveral animals, such asa dog,a cat,a cow, ahorse,a chicken.Show your baby oneanimal at a timeand imitate animal’s talk. For example, "The dog says bow-wow", "The cat saysmew", " The cow says moo-moo" etc.In additional, you can tellyour childwhere an animal lives and other details. For example, "a cowsays moo-moo,lives on a farmand gives usmilk."

Game 4.Whoeatswhat?

This gamewill teachyour babywhoeats what.As in the previousgame, setthe animalsin front of the childand tellhim about each of them,who it eats what."A doglikesa bone...a catlikesmilk, orfish...a cow eats grass and a chicken eats seeds.Andwhat does our... (name ofchild) liketo eat?"Andlisteverything thatyour baby eats normally.You can tell him whatmom, dad, grandma, grandpaand otherpeople thechildknows eat. While teachingyour childabout food, tell him about different fruits and vegetables.Preparepicturesof fruitsand vegetables in advance.

Game 5.Tearing colorful napkins

This is a wonderful game that helps develop your toddler’s manual dexterity . Take 3 napkins of different colors and ask the child to tear them into small pieces.Show him how to do it.Mix all the torn napkins.Use the glue stick on a small piece of cardboard you prepared. Toss all the torn napkin pieces on the cardboard and ask your child to press the pieces with his fingers and palms, so they would stick.

You will get a great souvenir made by your child!

Game 6.Pouring cereal

Educational games for toddlers of one year old and up six useful games for kids
Prepare 2 or 3 different types of cereals, preferably of coarse and fine textures.Pour them into dissimilar small jars.Put a sheet of paper in front of the baby and ask your child to take the cereal from the jars and pour it on a sheet of paper.Tell your child that the grain has to be put away in a jar.Let the baby pick up the grain with his fingers and put it back into jars.This is a great activity for your child’s manual dexterity development.

Educational games for toddlers will help you teach your baby and let him have fun while learning.