Educational games for toddlers of 2 years old, or how to amuse a baby

How do you amuse a 2-year old child? How do you spend time with your baby for maximum benefit? Educational games for toddlers are a useful pastime which help them develop faster and assimilate into our world. At the age of 2, the kid wants to act, not simply watch. Children`s games are aimed at social integration. In simple words, the child wants to help and do what others do. At this age, imitation of adults comes to the forefront. The development of a 2-year old child proceeds rapidly. The parents` task is to help the baby channel its energy in the right direction. Below, we take a closer look at developing games for children that are 2 years old .

At agetwo, childrenbegin to show their individuality.Kidstake interest in actions andtheir consequences, affairs of the parents, etc.Theirintellectual worldis constantly updatedwith new information drawn fromtheir surroundings.This periodis connectedwith the development ofspeech.Therefore, childrenlisten to andimitatewhatthey've heard. They repeatnew wordsand phrases, and put them insmallsentences.Now, your child canexplain what he or shewants ordoesn`t want.

How can a parent,playing with the child, helphim or her develop thenecessary skillsand adapt quickly society?

Educational games for toddlers enrich vocabulary

Stock up on lots of different large and realistic pictures. It can be pictures of vegetables, fruits, animals, and even household items. Show your baby a picture and clearly pronounce the name of the object. You can also prepare some interesting and funny facts about the subject to tell the child. Ask your child to find a specific picture in the bunch. Show the pictures to the baby and let it identify what is depicted.

When you come from a walk, ask the child to describe what he or she saw and what he or she did.

The game “Couples” is also useful for the development of speech and logical thinking of the child. To do this, you need two identical pictures. Let the child find a similar picture and tell about it.

Educational games for toddlers of 2 years old, or how to amuse a baby

Develop social skills

It`s time to integrate into society. For pleasant communication, the baby needs to learn some useful words. Teach your child some simple polite forms of greeting and gratitude. You can act out little sketches with other family members or toys, staging greetings or thanks. Teach the baby to use the words: "Thank you" and "please", "Hi" and "bye," "Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, " etc. The most important thing is to provide a good example for the child.

Educational games for toddlers play “By myself”

Educational games for toddlers of 2 years old, or how to amuse a baby
At the age of 2, the child actively craves for independence. The child tries to accomplish the same things that adults do. The kid is going to go to the office or a store on their own, while imitating the parents. Give the child an opportunity to find a toy by him or herself and play with it. Let the child build using blocks and a construction set with large details. Give the child petty errands, which they will carry out with great pleasure. For example, feed all the dolls or animals; put them to sleep, etc.

Train fingers

Sculptingis a goodwarm-upfor children`sfingersat any age.Therefore,stock up on plasticineorplay dough and experiment.At the age of2, it`s still difficult to modelcomplex shapes, but rollinga small plasticine ballor a sausage should be in the child’s capacity.

Draw outlines of a treeon cardboard.Give your child greenplasticine. Let it pinch offsmall pieces andspread theminside the contourof the tree`s crown, then do thesamewith the trunk.Then, you cangive your baby redplasticine and show them howto roll small

Educational games for toddlers of 2 years old, or how to amuse a baby

redballs.Letthe kid paste upthe balls applesat the crown - on their own.Try to choosean easy subject for sculpting since thebaby can`t yet concentrateon one thing for a long time.

Educational games for toddlers paint

Drawingdevelopsthe imaginativeperception ofthe child.At2, a babydiscerns colors very well and can alreadyname them.Give your childfingerpaint anda few subjectsto draw.For this,there are suitablebrushes,sticks,eventoyforks andspoons. Telland showyour childhow tomixsimple colors.Red +Yellow =Orange.Blue +Yellow =Green.Red +Blue =Purple.Letthe kid mixa few colors, and thentry toput them onpaperin different ways:using fingersand objectsfor drawing.

We hope thatthe educational games for toddlers mentioned in the articlewill helpyou spend timewith kids merrily and usefully.