Educational games for kids of 3 years old and older or what to entertain a kid with for the kids own good

Children of 3 years old are perfectly adapted to the society. They begin to include situations they see around into their games. This is why educational games for kids of 3 years oldare built on the basis of the situations experienced in life, which may teach a child useful skills. At the age of 3, children can perfectly tell imaginary situations from the real ones. Playing with each other, they build social relationships and gain a foothold in the children’s society.

Educational games for kids of 3 years old: role-playing games

Children, at the age of 3, are very interested in the games which reflect their day-to-day life. That’s why they play “Restaurant”, “Driver”, or “Hospital” with pleasure. Parents may turn these games into interesting lessons for kids.

The game “Hospital” is a wonderful opportunity to widen the kid’s world outlook. During the educational game, a parent can describe the inner organs in a human body and what they do for us. The majority of kids know about the major parts of the body at this age. You may ask a child to show what they can do. For example, our legs can walk, run, jump, squat, dance, etc. It’s preferable that a child would accompany all these characteristics with actions. We need a tongue to talk, eat, and sense the food’s taste. With our eyes we can look, with our nose we can breathe, etc.

The game “Restaurant”. By playing this educational game, you may teach children to use cutlery the right way, to behave at the table, and acquaint them with the names of different foods and beverages. You should accentuate what is healthy and unhealthy to eat. It’s good to play this game outside, where there are many improvised means like sand, grass, pebbles which will do well with a toy set of tableware that you may take with you. Educational games for kids of 3 years old and older or what to entertain a kid with for the kids own good

The game “Driver” will help a kid learn about the main traffic rules. Beforehand, you may make the circles of red and green colors or simply use a certain red or green things. The kids are driving “zh-zh-zh”, a parent shows a red circle. “Red light no way! You must stop”. Then, a parent shows green “Green light you may continue driving”. This game is interesting to play when a few kids are riding bicycles, scooters, or small cars. You may create an imitation of crossroads. Red light appears cars stop, pedestrians cross the road perpendicular to the cars. This educational game is very useful for the kids 3 years old and older as it establishes a correct behavior on the road from the earliest age.

Educational games for kids of 3 years old: fine motor functions

Speaking of the age of 3 years old, we shouldn’t forget about the fine motor function development of a child . Various crafts, which are made from little parts, will be perfect for this purpose. Putting puzzles together develops imagination and the fine motor functions of a child. Appliqués from small pieces of colored paper or napkins, which a child has previously torn into small pieces, can be constructed.

Drawing with plasticine develops fine motor functions very well. Soft plasticine is needed for this activity. A parent draws the contours of objects on the cardboardsand offers a child the chance to fill certain parts with spread plasticine. A child nips off little pieces and spreads them according to the composition.

Tying and untying bows and knots. We are going to need a ribbon. Show a child how to tie a bow and different kinds of knots. Ask a child to untie them and to try to tie them. Offer to fasten and unfasten buttons or push buttons on the clothes. These educational games for kids 3 years old and older positively influence fine motor functions.

Educational games for kids of 3 years old: creative abilities

Educational games for kids of 3 years old and older or what to entertain a kid with for the kids own good
Dancing to different kinds of music. Pick up melodies with various speeds, slow, quick, and rhythmic for a child. Dance together, while showing simple movements to your child,and asking him or her to reproduce them.

Singing and listening to songs. At the age of 3 children sing various songs with pleasure. To make it more interesting, you may give your child a microphone and play his or her favorite melody, song. Sing together with your child. You may let your kids listen to separate notes.

Drawing. Let a child draw and color with paints, pencils, felt pen,s or crayons as much as possible. This develops imagination and the child’s hand.

We hope that the presentededucational games for kids of 3 years old will help you entertain your child with pleasure and benefit .