Educational games for 4 year old kids, or what useful activities you can offer to a child

Children at the age of 4 strive to learn something new and apply it. They are already well aware of the law of cause and effect. Therefore, curiosity, a vivid imagination, and an inexhaustible desire to play are the basic manner of the 4 year old behaviour . Educational games for kids are designed to train the child's imagination and help them acquire useful skills.

Many children at the age of 4 attend kindergarten. To parents, it seems that the knowledge that a child learns in kindergarten is enough. However, a 4-year-old child is ready to learn a particular life style. Therefore, a parent’s lessons are more important for a child than even the teacher’s lessons in kindergarten. When you spend the funniest and happiest moments of your child’s life with him or her, the memories will last forever. This is why educational games are so important for children. You can teach your child a good lesson and even spend fun time together.

Educational games for 4 year old kids: stage fairy tales adaptations

This is a wonderful opportunity for the development of a 4-year-old child’s creative abilities. A short fairy tale can be used as a foundation, and it is better to choose one that the child is already familiar with. A short 15-minute play will delight your child and other family members. Draw masks on paper together and decorate the place where you plan to showcase the play. Plan your short play on the weekend. Learn a few lines and a short song with your child. Invite all your family members and the child’s friends.

The main thing is the spirit of joy, family unity, and fun. Try to record the whole show on video since this is an important achievement for your child.

Educational games for 4 year old kids: learning to read in a game

Educational games for 4 year old kids, or what useful activities you can offer to a child

If your child still cannot read, the kid can easily learn to at the age of 4.

You will need colorful pictures - photos with the objects’ names written in large letters, about 2 inches in height. Also, you need a magnetic board with letters or blocks with letters. Start with the big pictures with large letters. First, show the pictures with 3 to 4 letter names. Ask your child to tell you what he or she sees in the picture. Draw his or her attention to the name. Ask your child to find similar letters and put them into the word. Practice for 10 minutes every day. Gradually make the task more complicated: make inscriptions in smaller letters, and display items that have more letters in the title. Then, you can proceed to short sentences. This method of teaching reading is based on the method of Doman, an American doctor who has created a variety of teaching techniques for children.

Educational games for 4 year old kids: Drawing preparing a hand for handwriting

In a few years, the child will progress in school and he or she will have to write a lot. In order to develop a firm hand, you can already start developing the child’s writing. It is important to teach a 4-year-old child to hold a pencil properly. It is still difficult for a child to draw a straight line, but he will learn to coordinate his hand and pencil movement with constant practice. Draw circles, straight, and curved lines with your child. To ensure that the child isn’t bored, create a short story about the small figures. Let your child color a lot. This also teaches him or her to coordinate their hand movement with a pencil or a brush.

Developing the child’s thinking abilities

Educational games for 4 year old kids, or what useful activities you can offer to a child
A game "Guess what I'm doing?" is good for logic and association development , and it will fully occupy a four year old child. Depict any familiar action to your child. Let him or her guess what you have shown. For example, show them how you read or drive, or eat, etc.

This developing game is suitable for children 4 years and older. The game will help your child expand his vocabulary and develop an imagination. The game is called "Totally opposite." Name and object for the child with any property, for example "a light feather". Ask your child to name an object with the opposite property, such as "heavy dumbbells". Here are more examples: Quick cheetah - slow turtle, bright day - dark night, etc.

The developing game "What material is it made of?" will be very enlightening for 4 year old children. Point to any familiar object and say: What material is it made of? For example, a house is made of bricks, machine is made of metal, the rain - from the water, a table is made of wood, etc. Gradually, your kid gets an idea of the world around him.

We hope that these educational games for 4 year old kids we presented will help you occupy your child with helpful activities.