Divorce and a child how to make child visits interesting and beneficial

After a divorce , a child may visit the parent who left the family. For a child and a conscious parent, such visits mean the world Since the time spent by a child with the mom or dad who left the family is very limited. A parent and a child don’t have as much in common as they did before. Everyday life and daily activities are spent apart, which is why lack of communication and attention between the child and the parent who left the family has been a weight on his or her shoulders. How is it possible to make child visitsinteresting and beneficial for both the parent and the child?

A parent must be prepared before meeting with a child

First of all, it is important to realize, what place the child holds in your life. What is the purpose of thesechild visitsto you? What was lacking in your family life before the divorce? What benefits do you want to convey to your child during your meetings with him?

If, prior to the divorce, parents had good and strong relationships with children, then the life apart will be burdened by constant lack of communication with a child. As it often happens, the feeling of guilt may overpower the parent, and as a result, he wants to give as much as possible during his meetings with a child. He buys a lot of gifts, and arranges fun and entertaining events for a child. This is all good but the real value ofchild visitsis the communication between a parent and a child. This is why the best gift for your child would be your time, which you will spend with him or her. But, how can you get the most out of short child visits and make them interesting and beneficial?

1. Shared house or business affairs

Divorce and a child how to make child visits interesting and beneficial

A shared house or business affairs will help you in strengthening your relations with the child and teach him useful skills. A parent is a role model for a child, making it important to show your best skills and knowledge. Plan yourchild visitsin a way so that in the process, he or she may benefit from your life experience.

2. Joint entertainment

Don’t forget about entertainment. It’s necessary in order to relax and get a charge of fun energy for the whole week. A child will remember those happy hours he spent with his mom or dad for the rest of his life. So, go out to see movies, visit the stadium to watch some sports, even check out the theater, zoo or children’s entertainment center it is interesting and fun. But remember not to overindulge with the use of entertainment, because the misuse of entertainment may have bad influence on the quality of communication.

3. Educational, active and passive games

Play a game of soccer, basketball, tennis, and other active games. These activities will develop harmony in your childand will be beneficial for your physical health. But also, don’t forget about the games that help develop the logic and imagination of a child. Check out educational games and activities which are proper for your child’s age and invite him or her to play.

4. Joint walks and trips

Divorce and a child how to make child visits interesting and beneficial

Joint walks through a park or nature trips these are good ways of spending time together, which will give you the chance to play and communicate with your child outdoors. During such trips, you will be able to teach your child important life skills while being far from civilization, about unity with nature and understanding of our own capabilities.

5. Reading

For children of ages 4 8, reading is a necessary skill which they will need to improve. This is why it is important to show a positive attitude towards reading. During child visits, you should practice reading interesting books.

6. Visiting together

If you have friends or relatives who have kids of the same age as your kid, then you may visit them during your child visits. However, visiting such friends where your child may get bored is time spent in vain.

7. Common hobbies

During child visits you may engage him or her in common hobbies or activities. This too is an excellent way of strengthening the bond between a parent and a child , and allows them to spend time in a more productive way. Try to get your child acquainted with your hobby, or in the process, try to discoverwhat may both of you do together as hobbies.

We hope that this article will help make your child visits interesting and beneficial.