Development of a 7-Month-Old Child

A 7-month-old child is a tireless researcher and is interested in everything around. The development of a 7 month old child is constantly moving forward. The 8th month of life brings some amazing discoveries and every day the child learns something new.

Development of a 7-Month-Old Child: Motor Skills

The 7-month-old child already sits without support. His hands are free because he maintains balance quite well. He can now research his surroundings with more attention. The baby can now crawl and is engaged in constant research of things and toys that he meets along the way. A 7-month-old baby can operate with both hands and can move an object from one hand to another to inspect it from all sides. Some children may get up without help and balance with the help of surroundings. They cannot sit down with control and instead, they fall.

Development of a 7-Month-Old Child

Development of the 7-month-old Child: Sensitive Skills

Around the 8th month of a child’s development, he becomes very attentive. He may study the smallest details of objects and furnishings with great interest. This period is characterized by the study of objects and their position in space. The child can recognize the correct position of familiar objects. If you put the item in the wrong position, the child will try to replace it to the usual position.

Now, the child knows that objects aren’t the entity, and that one thing can be put on the other. A 7-month-old baby carefully studies the shape of an object. If the object is flat, he will turn it and try to understand how one plain surface connects with another one. Round objects are particularly interesting for a baby because they do not have angles or sides. The baby will turn the ball with interest and look for some end or angle.

Development of a 7-Month-Old Child

Rustling and shapeless items are very interesting for the baby too because they can be worked up in their hands. Thus, foil or a piece of paper can entertain the child for 10 minutes. Parents should be careful because the baby is exploring by pulling many objects into their mouth. So, keep an eye on what he is playing with and how he is playing with it.

The child’s intelligence has increased significantly compared to the previous months of development. Now he realizes that if something falls, it should be looked for on the ground. The baby is well aware of what he is doing. If he is distracted by another object he will observe it, the get back to ‘his business.’

To include an adult in his game the child likes to take and return things. The kid actively communicates with others using gestures and can distinguish tones and intonation of others. He already understands when parents talk strictly and can stop pay attention for a period of time. Perhaps, after this period of time the child can be taught the words ‘no’ or ‘yes.’

The 7-month-old child meets new sounds and can now pronounce vowels and many consonants. He likes to experiment with sounds and may try to imitate adult conversations. When playing with your child, you should clearly say names of objects. You should show him a lot of pictures and objects to expand his horizons every day.

Development of a 7-Month-Old Child: Playing Together

‘Tug of War’: Give your child the one end of the scarf and when he grips the scarf, carefully pull the other end. Do not forget to laugh and talk to the kid.

‘Drum’.: Give your child an unbreakable bowl and a spoon and show them how to drum. Proceed to let the kid ‘play the drums’.

‘Which hand?’ : Show your baby a small toy that he will be interested in, in your palm. Close your palm, then re-open and show it to the baby, let the kid show where the toy is.

The development of a 7 month old happens quickly, so enjoy his discoveries and new skills. The 8th month of a baby’s life will fly by as well, so to be prepared read about the development of children in the 9thmonth of life.