Childrens Video Game Addiction How to Fight

Children’s video game addiction is a problem of a global nature. The highly profitable industry, which produces millions of new games each year, has captured the Internet with its over the top products. The temptation to play cannot be resisted by adults and children. To define reasonable bounds is very difficult and unfortunately neither children nor adults can say ‘Stop wasting time. My free time is priceless. What is useful about computer games?’ The problem is that video game addiction slips into the life of an addictive person unnoticeably, but appears evident to his close peers.

What Is Video Game Addiction?Childrens Video Game Addiction How to Fight

How can you tell a video game addiction from a common hobby? First of all, these are the feelings that a child will experience while playing the game, as well as reaction to the lack of opportunity to play.

Dangerous Symptoms of Computer Games Addiction

- A child devotes most of his free time to video games.

- If he has to throw out the game he becomes irritated and shows aggression.

- A child must finish playing the game through his individual effort before he can start doing other things.

- A child forgets to perform daily activities, including ignoring meals and sleep.

- Depression, aggression, irritability and difficulty in communicating with people are the main signs. The child shows this in real life, outside the game.

- The child does not do homework and skips school with one goal in mind; to play.

- All those symptoms appear gradually, that is why parents notice the changes only when their child is already difficult or impossible to be controlled. He is opposed to his parents and does not want to listen to them, especially when it comes to computer game addiction.

How to Teach a Child Some Self-Control Methods in Order to Overcome Video Game Addiction?

The first way to teach your child self-control is to do it from an early age. It is important for a parent to control himself too. If the mother or father plays computer games a lot, the child will feel it rather difficult to control his own desire to play.

It is necessary to communicate with your child and discuss the difficulties, associated with good time management. ‘Have you noticed that you cannot manage your homework? Perhaps you distribute your time improperly? Let’s think together how to have time to do all that is necessary...’

Teach your child to use his free time rationally. It’s very helpful to make a schedule together with him.

If the child spends a lot of time playing computer games, look for the cause of such withdrawal from reality.

The child should be explained to what problem computer games can be if he does not control himself.

Set game limit time, which the child is able to control himself. Think of a bonus for the preterm game over.

Encourage the child in activities which are completely unrelated to the computer.

If the Child Does Not See the Problem and Continues to Resist

If the child does not see the problem and continues to resist, there are some cardinal measures.

Install a parent control program or make the conditions more severe. For example, a limited time access to the Internet or a limited run time of the game.

If that fails, here are extreme measures:

Remove all the games from the computer.

Disconnect the child’s computer from the Internet.

Total control: do not give pocket money and watch out for what the child is doing during the day.

Keep the child away from the place where they have access to the game.

Visit a children’s psychologist to find a complex solution to the problem.


Children’s video game addiction scares many parents. All methods that we have listed may either help or make the conflict worse. So parents must use them carefully. First of all, it is necessary to establish contact with your child and understand the cause of his addiction.

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