Children and computer games 5 kinds of games and their influence on the development of the childs psychol

Computer games entered the life of children and adults long ago. Children and computer games- are these concepts compatible? What influence can computer games have on children? How can the complete involvement into the virtual world of a computer game influence the child’s psychology? First of all, this is an escape from reality and a gain of knowledge as well as the improvement of the child’s physical state.

What may computer games teach a child?

The influence of computer games on the child’s psychology depends on the type of game and orientation. There are a few types of games, which all have certain effects.

1. Children and shooting computer games

Violent games have the goal of killing or injuring as many creatures as possible. These games cause the most irreparable harm to the child’s psychology. What can this game teach a child? To kill. This means if a parent allows his or her child to play shooting computer games where murder is the main task, which indicates that a parent encourages the skills of a murderer in his or her child. The most terrible knowledge a child may obtain from such games is that LIFE IS NOTHING. A child would neglect his life and lives of others. Terrible cases of murders committed by children who played violent video games on a constant basis are the proof to that statement. Many game producers limit the age categories for children, who may play certain games. However, limitations don’t stop children. They may obtain a DVD with a desired game in an internet store or can simply play a game on-line. Cruelty, aggression, and indifference are the main characteristics which a child picks up while playing shooting computer games. Only constant control and censorship from the side of parents may protect a child from these undesirable computer games.

2. Children and computer games-strategy

Children and computer games 5 kinds of games and their influence on the development of the childs psychol

Strategy games are less bloodthirsty, however, they are built on the principles of war, usurpation, and slavery. Some people consider such games as very informative and teaching children definite historical facts. However, if a game is developed along a historical plot, interest towards it will die away very soon. This is why there are many versions of the outcomes of events, which have nothing to do with history and give children false ideas and knowledge. The positive effect of strategy games is in the development of logical thinking in a child and ability to plan events. These qualities help a child develop peacefully in the future. However, before a child starts playing a strategy game, his parent must make sure that the game is safe for the child. If there are any scenes of violence or cruelty in the strategy, the game is not appropriate for a child!

3. Children and sports computer games

Sports computer games remind us of an anecdote: “My doctor advised me to get into sports. Now I watch all the sports channels on TV and read sports magazines, however, there’s no improvement.” A child must develop physically to be of great endurance, agility, flexibility and strength. This is why it’s better to play sports in real life. There’s an opinion that sports computer games develop adroitness and exactness as well as train certain skills. In reality, only high quality simulators may lead to the development of good motor skills. Regular sports computer games, equipped with nothing but a monitor and a mouse, will teach a child to press the buttons quickly, and make him acquainted with the rules of the game.

4. Children and computer gameswanderings

Computer games-wanderings are a virtual reality that takes a child far away from his own life and development. A child spends plenty of time finishing a game and develops doubtful skills and knowledge. Too often, these games occupy the brain of a child perfectly and bring no useful experience to the child’s real life.

5. Children and developmental computer games

Children and computer games 5 kinds of games and their influence on the development of the childs psychol

There’s a great variety of developmental computer games for different ages. There are really interesting and useful games, which teach children to read, count, draw, and give useful knowledge in various areas. They teach logic and how to be attentive. However, under a appearance of a developmental game, you may come across a regular time-killer that just takes your valuable time resources and doesn’t bring any value to a child. This is why a parent must choose computer games for his or her kid and control the process and duration of the game.

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