Child Development 9-Year-Olds

As opposed to younger children, nine-year-old children are much better in handling conflicts and problems. They begin preparing for the preteen years and demonstrate big changes in physical development as well as psychology. It’s important to be aware of these changes to help kids adjust better.


First, let’s have a glance at thepsychologyof 9-year-olds. This is the age when children become much more independent. You may want your kid to acquire a good sense of responsibility as well.

It is very important for children to have friends at this age, especially of their own sex. They tend to like team sports, cooperative play and, any types of group activities. Most books on childpsychologywill tell you that strong friendships are vital for healthy development of childrenat this age.

There are some points of concern with that regard as well:

First, closer relationships with peers are associated with the rising peer pressure. Kids with higher levels of self-esteem tend to be much better in tackling this pressure.

Secondly, psychology-wise, kids in middle childhood are still mostly unbalanced. They react painfully on any criticism or insults from their peers.

Third, if they feel they are not accepted by their peers, kids react with misbehavior. That is nothing more than a product of their desire to prove peers wrong.


Here’s a short summary of the common characteristics of the 9 year olds, as far aspsychology is concerned:

Child Development 9-Year-Olds

They grow very self-confident;

Kids experience a great deal of independence from their family;

Largely expand their circle of friends;

Face larger academic load at school;

Parents’ Actions

Nine year oldkids may feel independent, but most of thepsychologyexperts agree that they still require their parents’ reassurance.

Middle childhood is associated with another transition that you need your 9 year old kid to get ready for. The academic load at school is increased largely, and result of this is stress. It’s not only adults who at times feel stressed from daily routine activities. Kids can experience the same troubles as well. Therefore, parents need to prepare their kids to handle any emotional challenges associated with that transition.

It is also important for both, kids’psychologyand physicaldevelopment of children , to make sure they get enough sleep. Children who don’t sleep much are often in a bad mood that can potentially trigger other problems.

Restrict your kid from the unlimited access to the TV and computer. Inappropriate content that you can’t shield you kid from seeing there can upset him/her, or even result in a more serious emotional condition.

That’s it for thepsychologypart of 9 year oldkids. Let’s move on to continue with the physicaldevelopment of childrenof this age group.

Physical Development of Children

This age can be often characterized by the kids’ eating problems. Also note that girls start developing much faster than boys at about this age. However, they have similar interests. Here’s what kids in middle childhood like:

Child Development 9-Year-Olds




Collecting stuff;

They also have abundant interest in team sports and games.

Parents’ Actions

Successful parenting implies that kids have ways to sustain whatever interests they have. Also make sure you include team games in the list of activities.

The development of children of this age group allows parents to encourage them to handle their personal hygiene without supervision.

Foster active participation in school groups, example: team sports, music, etc.

Children’s actions can be hard to interpret. That’s when psychology helps you to understandwhykids behave in a certain way andwhatyou can do about it. The advice on physical development of nine-year-olds should be helpful as well.