Changes Occurring During the Third Month of Child Development

Week 9YourChild Development

Your little child is growing and developing every day, and may seem ever bigger when he stretches out his little body. Now the child can move around and even roll over. Despite this adorable fact, you should constantly watch the baby especially when changing his diapers on a changing table or another piece of furniture. Lack of supervision may result in falling and damaging healthand physical condition. Do not trust holding straps: the childis stronger and mobile at the third month of his development. His legs become strong enough to hold most of his weight.


It is time to switch to a forward facing baby carrier or a sling when take him to the playground or other places you need to visit. This will offer him new perspectives and views. Socialize with him when you cook or do work around the house, tell him about your actions or intentions. It has been proven that baby’s psychological development faster and easier when they hear your voice more. Pretty soon he will start to imitate sounds and build a vocabulary.

Week 10YourChild Development

Changes Occurring During the Third Month of Child Development
Some weeks ago the child discovered his hands, and now he may suck his thumb and play with his hands flailing about. He’s trying to reach for some objects. Sometimes on the first attempt he fails to touch something correctly, but don’t worry: soon he’ll get hold of hand-eye coordination. During the third monthof their development, children enjoy bright toys, especially rattles. They try to grab everything to touch and feel. Be careful, little hands may catch your hair and pull it really hard. Now your baby can track objects with his eyes.


Sometimes a baby might start crying without any reason, and his favorite comforting methods cannot calm him down. If your baby cries very often, pediatricians refer to that condition as colic. 20% ofhealthychildren experience this condition during thethird monthof their development. If this happens to your baby and you don’t know the reason, consider colic. Call your doctor and find out more about causes of colic.

Week 11

The baby has already learned the principle of cause and effect: he knows that cries evoke response. He will vary his cry to signal different needs. You will see the difference in crying when he he is hungry, wet or bored. The child reaches that stage of his development when he knows that objects move and make noise. Baby begins to babble, coo, squeal, and gurgle. This is a child’s method of communication. Smiles will become spontaneous.

Week 12YourChild Development

At the age of three months, most babies start sleeping well and long. This will help you to enjoy some rest and sleep as well. The baby will be very friendly he will smile and laugh while playing, and colors capture his attention.

Include Dad

Dad might think that the baby prefers mom, and when dad holds the child, he may squirm or start crying for mom. That should not worry fathers at all. The child feels more relaxed in mom’s hands because usually mom provides comfort, food, and spends more time with a baby. Yet, dad may be involved more with the baby: rock, burp, play, walk or change diapers. It’s a good way to socialize and comfort the baby.

Week 13

Changes Occurring During the Third Month of Child Development
Your infant is becoming stronger and stronger each week! Your baby is probably laughing out loud when you play with her or bring her favorite toy to her.

If your baby is healthy you may try to introduce a new food. Make up a feeding Schedule. Following a daily routine and getting in plenty of feeds during the day can encourage night sleeping. Be ready for teething. Teething can start long before you can see any teeth. You may not see her/his first tooth until baby is 6 months old, but she/he may be feeling it now. Teething rings are a great toy during these times..

Talk with your child as it comforts him a lot. Read books, verses and short stories out loud, show beautiful colorful pictures together.

Yourchildhasdevelopedso well during this time, he’s a little person. Be sure to videotape him at this cute age.