Benefits of Breastfeeding 7 Major Reasons which Prove its Importance for You and Your Child

Breastfeeding is an important and integral phenomenon of a child’s life. That is why a pregnant woman has to prepare herself for it psychologically. She should realize that breastfeeding is essential for health and harmonic development of the child. But some people think that breastfeeding is not so important and it can be replaced by artificial feeding. Seven main reasons, which help you to realize the importance of breastfeeding both for the mother and for her child, are listed below:

The Unique Structure of Breast Milk

Breast milk is an ideal product for a child’s development; and it’s not exaggeration. Mixtures of breast milk substitutes contain fewer nutrients; in artificial feeding a child loses approximately 400 compounds of nutrients. Recent scientific researchers have confirmed that the structure of woman’s breast milk is individual and extremely beneficial for the child. All substances of breast milk are absorbed by the child’s body more efficiently. For example, iron, which is an essential element of any live organism, is absorbed almost for 60 % if it’s delivered from the breast milk. If it is delivered from the mixture, its assimilation will be no more than 10 %. Moreover, the child’s body absorbs only 4 % of iron from the cow’s milk. Breast milk contains the following ingredients:

-proteinsare bricks which build the child’s body. They are the basic material for growing. Proteins from breast milk completely meet the need of a child at every stage of his development.

-fatsare fuel for the brain and tissue development; they are the main source of essential fatty acids. Breast milk fats come together with the component called lipase. This component helps fats to digest as efficiently as possible. Another motivating fact: the amount and structure of breast milk is changing constantly with the growth of your baby to meet his new needs.

-lactoseis a substance which participates in the development of the child’s central nervous system. It also takes part in growth of child’s bones. Lactose is also very useful for human gut as it helps the gut to produce lactobacilli.

- breast milk contains a lot of beneficialvitaminsandminerals. It is also an excellent source of iron.

- there are manywhite blood cellsandantibodiesin breast milk; they protect your baby from different infections and bacteria. Children who are breastfed rarely suffer from infectious diseases.

Breast Milk is Useful for Increasing the Immunity of a Child

Breast milk strengthens the child’s immune system. As mentioned above, it contains white blood cells and antibodies; in the first days of baby’s life their number is maximal.

Such protein as immunoglobulin participates in building, improving and strengthening the child's immune system. Immune capacity of your baby grows after each feeding.

Benefits of Breastfeeding: It Stimulates the Sense of Motherhood

Benefits of Breastfeeding 7 Major Reasons which Prove its Importance for You and Your Child
A number of changes undergoes into the mother’s body after the birth and at the beginning of breastfeeding. These changes contribute to emotional and physical readiness for baby care. Lactation stimulates the release of prolactin; it’s a hormone which helps the mother to get used to her new responsibilities for newborn care . All this supports the sense of motherhood.

Save Your Figure with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps to restore good shape much faster. First, if you do not overeat, with the help of breastfeeding you will be able to lose some extra pounds. Second, while breastfeeding our body produces the hormone oxytocin. It helps your uterus reduce to its former condition prior to pregnancy.

Benefits of Breastfeeding - the Relaxation Effect

A number of hormones that are released during lactation have the relaxation effect both on the mother and her child. A mother can engage herself into a relaxing slumber and have a rest while breastfeeding her baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother Health

Benefits of Breastfeeding 7 Major Reasons which Prove its Importance for You and Your Child
Misconception existed earlier stated that breastfeeding destroyed the mother's body. Modern scientific researches lead to an opposite conclusion. It turns out that women who breastfed their babies live longer than those who did not do it. Moreover, breastfeeding is good prevention of breast cancer.

Children who are Breastfed are More Disciplined

Remember, it is not a dogma; many things depend on the child’s temperament. But some experts consider that while breastfeeding a child has a closer contact with his mother; he listens and understands his mother better, and, as a result, the child becomes more disciplined and calm.

We hope that these seven reasons will convince you to make the right choice in favor of breastfeeding.