Green Parents

Being a green parentand raising green kidsis a much easier task than everybody else thinks. It becomes more like an alternative in today's world with changing climate, worsening of ecological situation and environment.

So manyparentsnowadays start looking at life in a different way and wondering what they could do to save our planet and bring upgreen kids. This article targets green parents, as here you will find the answer why it is so easy being agreen parent.

Tips for aGreen Parent

Breast milk. This is the healthiest food for babies thatparentscan provide. Breast milk is environmentally friendly and useful for baby's further development. It's nutritional features help you baby to meet its needs up to the age of 5-6 months and get a lot of benefits. However, nowadays there are such cases when some mothers can't feed their babies this way, and if it's your case, don't feel too bad about it. Try to be agreen parent and find another alternative.

Green Parents
3 R. "Reuse, reduce and recycle" rule will help both you and the environment. When agreen parentis at the store or a supermarket, he should try to figure out what things he will need in the first place. It isn't necessary to buy every item you think you need, however, it can be tempting. Try to resist your desire and look at it objectively: what will your baby need - brand new clothing and things, or, perhaps, something second and practically unused? You can buy everything (except car seats and cot mattresses) second hand. And besides, when your baby grows, its little thingies and clothing can be kept just in case for the future, or passed further to some otherparentswho will find them useful. You can also raise green kids by teaching them what materials are recyclable, explain what those symbols on the bottom of plastic products are. Make up a fun game with choosing what to keep and what to throw away, and you will raisegreen kids.

Choose cloth nappies. Do you know that it takes all the nappies that are used in average for a baby about 500 years to decompose. And it's only one baby. Now count it yourself: every 7 seconds a new baby is born, and the process is repeated. The impact on the environment is huge. That's why if you, as agreen parent, choose cloth nappies, first, you save a great deal of money, second, they will do good to your baby's skin.

Don't be too lazy to cook. Cooking meals at home has so many advantages one can't even contemplate. Home food contains more nutritional elements than any other bought in the supermarket, or delivered. Agreen parentshouldn't put much salt and other spices into your children's food, so that you won't introduce new tastes into their diet, and there's quite a good chance that your baby won't be a fussy aeter in the future . Use a blender and fresh fruit and vegetables, and you will raise healthy andgreen kids.

Get rid of plastic. The number of plastic bags and other items used is just bizzare, and it worsens the condition of our environment. So why not be agreen parentand take a canvas bag when going shopping.Parentsshould teach their children these principles and explain them in greater detail.

Conserve energy. Teach your children that turning off the light in the room when leaving is energy-conserving. If you have too many gadgets at home, every time you're finished working with them, switch everything off properly. Don't forget to replace regular bulbs with energy conserving ones, because this will help to use less energy. Remember, if you don't learn to be agreen parent, who else will?

Green Parents
Walk, run, or drive? If you need to go somewhere less than 2 or 3 miles away from your place, try to walk instead of driving. Repeating this procedure every day, you will become healthier, get more fresh air, keep your muscles in shape and, besides, teach your children that walking is healthy, useful and fun. Taking your dog for a long walk with your family or going for a run in the morning can be a good alternative for both you, as agreen parent, and your kids.

Being agreen parentand raisinggreen kidsis both useful and fun. Try to become greenparentsand you will help our planet.