Babies at ten months

Babies at ten months are real discoverers. Is your child starting to climb / stomach around? If your child is starting to climb / stomach around, the toys that can roll, be the case. Your child will quickly learn to push things so they can be prosecuted. Balls and things on wheels are also obvious.

WEEK 38:

Zero candy: Most kids get too much sugar and too many additives; wait as long as possible to give your child ice cream, candy and cakes. It is no sin for the child, it must wait. In fact, the more sin, if it gets the sweets. Your child will be just as happy apple, pear and banana or a piece of bread. Of course one must also resist even to eat candy in front of her child. It may be harder to control if you have older children.

WEEK 39:

In the last months of the child's first year develop dexterity and understanding of what is handled. Your child will learn to eat with your fingers, to handle two things at once, to put things into boxes and take them up again, put blocks on top of each other and topple them.

Finger proficiency and all the opportunities it offers, is really an area, you can and should stimulate. Now the toys are not enough anymore. The child's interest in mimicking adults and older children rises and rises only from now on. Give your child permission to participate in the daily chores, to help and try to imitate what you do, where possible.

Zero alcohol: Many young children are eager to taste the mother's and father's beer bottle or wine glasses, and they may also think it tastes good. But a small sip of wine or beer contains a small child actually a large amount of alcohol. Avoid completely to give your child alcohol. It is pure poison for the liver.

Stand up straight: If your child is early in the process and are already experimenting with to stand up against things, read more in the 11th month.

WEEK 40:

The child will even want to be allowed to eat with your fingers and also practice how to use sake. Your baby eats with a spoon, c child first master safely in 15-months of age, but it is important to practice.

I still have made your child sometimes its own chunks to be sure that it gets enough food. Add any one oilcloth under the child seat so that it is easier to accept the mess and clean afterwards. Your child will enjoy being allowed to label the food in your hands!

The family eats the same thing: When your child is about nine months, should eat roughly the same as the adults (which hopefully eat healthy and varied). The child still needs his morning porridge, and it might be healthy for the whole family to start the day with porridge. Your child will probably be very interested in everything that is on your dishes and want the same. After dinner, some children need some form of aftermath. It may be, for example porridge, which slides easily down than the family dinner. It is important that the child will be well satisfied for the night.

WEEK 41:

A tuck box is fun. Your child will have a wonderful time with both putting bricks in the box and take them out again. A flip-top lid can be a completely magical technology at that time.

The small, sharp point books with clear pictures of such animals, fruits, houses and people are good and instructive entertainment for quiet moments or to calm down with. The child recognizes the growing number of things and claims may be out after the image of a strawberry or apple to eat it. It stimulates language development when you sit together and talk about what is in the pictures. Also, try to imitate animal sounds when you point to dogs, cats, cows and lions. The child we love it and even try to say the lightest of sounds such as vovvov, muuh and Grrrr.

Bath: In this age love most children to be bathed. Try to give your child cups and jugs, as it allows us to fill the water and pour it out again. Make sure that your child does not drink too much dirty or oily water. It can cause stomach aches. Never leave your child alone in the bath.

WEEK 42:

Is your child not started to crawl yet, you can try to create as much free floor space as possible to creep and crawl on.

Transitions between carpets and floors can be a big hurdle to get around at first, then try if it helps to remove the carpets. A loose carpet can take the child and is therefore not a good idea.

Put your baby on his stomach on the floor when it is fresh. It takes a lot of energy and effort to get started crawling. I could also motivate a bit by adding some favorite toys or raisin one meter money from your child.

It can take some time before it even understands how significant a new knowledge of the climbing is.

Narrow breastfeeding and bottle: If your child is still being breastfed or given bottle, it is a good idea only to give it one to two times a day. Your child should still have the appetite to eat food and drink of the cup.