Attention to a Newborn Baby and the Role of Each Family Member

You and your baby are now together.

You are at home surrounded by your family.

Everyone wants to take part in baby-sitting.

Everyone is offering help, but they often do not know how.

Some men think that if by nature women have milk to feed babies, they do not have to intervene in the relations between a mother and a baby . Surely, it is a great mistake. Every father has to be involved. These are the roles given to all family members about what they can do to make the beginning of a new person's life comfortable and happy:

Mother's role

The role of a mother in the child's life can be hardly overestimated. It is the main person on this stage of baby's life.

Mother feeds the baby.

It must be the main destination of a mother. Feeding is the priority for a baby. It is important for a mother to take care of everything beforehand. It is great if you have good lactation and your baby doesn't lack milk. There are cases when a mother does not have milk. Then you need to find a necessary substitute. The best way is to find a foster-mother, but nowadays human milk is mainly substituted by infant formulas.

Mother takes care of the baby.

Every day a mother should feed, rock, and provide comfortable conditions for a baby. A mother and a child are like a transmitter and a receiver of signals. A baby signals: "I feel uncomfortable". A mother responds with an action at once: feeds, dresses, undresses, cradles.

Mother keeps baby's hygiene.

Attention to a Newborn Baby and the Role of Each Family Member
Keeping of child's healthy hygiene is a hard task, especially for young parents . They need to change diapers many times a day, keep clean the rooms where the baby lies, keep an eye on the baby's skin, bathe him, clean ears and nose, and cut nails. The mother needs to eat and sleep well to be healthy and increase lactation in correspondence with the baby's growing needs.'

Care of other family members also lies on the mother's shoulders.

Father's role

Attention to a Newborn Baby and the Role of Each Family Member
How a father can make his wife's life easier?

Be more attentive to your wife.

Take care of her: bring her food and drinks while she is in bed. Take a baby for a walk, meanwhile she can sleep or take a bath.

Help your wife with housekeeping.Cook supper or clean the house. Wash the dishes. Look around for what needs to be done; don't wait for instructions from your wife. Another alternative is to hire a housemaid.

Try to spend as much time as possible at home.

Pay attention to your family. Limit your friends' visits until your baby grow bigger.

If you have other children, take more care of them, as your wife is now engaged in your baby's care and can't always provide them with necessary attention.

Introduction of a baby to his brothers and sisters

Attention to a Newborn Baby and the Role of Each Family Member
Prepare your children for baby appearance.

Before the birth of a baby tell your older children about what is going on, how the baby is developing, and show pictures. Explain that a baby will be helpless in the world. Everyone should take care of the baby: mother, father, and the older siblings.

Play with a child in role-playing games:"help mother and father". Use a doll, show a child that it needs to be fed, dressed, and taken to bed, so that afterwards your older child will understand why his mother is very busy with the baby.

Show your child his photos and videos when he was a baby and how he grew up.

Plan your time efficiently. A mother can carry a baby in a baby sling; this will enable her to spend more time with an older child. She'll even be able to feed the baby lying in a baby sling, and simultaneously tell a story, read a book, sing a song with an older child.

Always find time to tell how much you love your older child.