Advices for parents daycare education

It is wonderful to be parents! You have finally got a long-awaited baby. A tiny copy of you that is requiring a constant daycare and education. Pregnancy lasts for around 9 months, during this period you are preparing psychologically and physically to accept a baby. You are setting up your house, considering your child’s needs; often you change your schedule, your diet and sometimes even your habits.

Advice number 1.Listen to your instincts and common sense.

It can sound old-fashioned, but our instincts are the fundamental factors of our life. That’s why, dear parents, first of all listen to your feelings and common sense. There are several models of parenting and development of a baby that can be controversial. If your internal voice tells you, that something is not suitable for your baby, in one of the parenting and development approaches, it is an important signal you should not ignore. You shouldn’t blindly follow all the recommendations; consider all pros and cons.

Advice number 2.Newborn baby’s cry is not a caprice.

A newborn baby communicates with the world around through his or her cry. The nature has endured a baby with the instinct to cry. A cry informs us that a baby feels discomfort. That’s why parents have to find and eliminate the cause of it.

The main causes of baby’s cry:

  1. A baby is hungry. The symptoms: a baby is crying, instinctively looking for a breast or a bottle. The solution: feed him or her.
  2. Stomach ache, the abdominal distention. During the first three months a baby gets the essential bacteria for food processing. That’s why, during this period, a lot of babies suffer temporary dysbacteriosis (lack of healthy lacto bacteria and bifidobacterium for food processing). The symptoms: a baby is crying vigorously and pulling his legs actively up to his tummy, having his fists clenched. A baby refuses to eat. The solution: slightly massage the tummy clockwise, press the knees towards the tummy, turn the baby and stroke the back. If this doesn’t help, you should give medication for abdominal swelling. (Make sure you consult your doctor!)
    In the very last resort you should put a colonic tube to a baby. If nothing of the above mentioned actions helped, and the baby has been crying for more than 2 hours, call the ambulance.
  3. A baby feels stressed. During the first months of life, a baby’s nervous system isn’t stable yet. That’s why you shouldn’t overdo with games and loud sounds. A baby can feel stressed. The symptoms: a baby evidently wants to sleep but can't fall asleep and is whimpering. The solution: Pick up the baby in your arms, sing a song calmly, and dandle it. Shorten the time for games.
  4. The baby’s headache. Babies are very sensitive to weather and magnetic storms. During these days they cry more often and have some sleep disturbance. They look nervous.

Advice number 3. Talk to your child before his or her birth.

Before his or her birth, a child hears his parents’ voices. That’s why, don’t miss the chance and talk to your baby even when he or she is in his mother’s tummy. After the birth, your baby can not only hear you but also see you. The process of child’s parenting and education starts as soon as you talk to your child, telling what happens to him or her. You should speak with the soft voice but clearly, without “caterwauling”. A child absorbs the incoming information like a sponge. All this lies over deeply in the child’s mind. When you talk to your baby; you are passing to him or her, your knowledge and skills in natural way.

Advice number 4. Walk with your baby as much as possible.

Advices for parents daycare education

Walk outside makes child’s health stronger. It is also very improves baby's eating and sleep habits. A baby gets the essential vitamin D for his or her adequate development and growth with the help of the sun’s beams. By inhaling either fresh air, a baby fortifies his organism. It means you should keep your child’s face uncovered. If it is a warm season, you can start walking with your child outside right after checked out from a hospital. A newborn baby has undeveloped body thermoregulation, that’s why you should be cautious, don’t overheat or over chill him or her. Your baby’s clothes must be multilayered.

Advice number 5. Try to get enough sleep whenever possible.

Advices for parents daycare education

A good sleep is a pledge for physical and mental health of a person. It is not a secret than new moms chronically don’t get enough sleep. Consequently, they experience irritation and reduction of lactation. That’s why; when your baby sleeps, you’d should try to sleep too. If it is possible, put on hold the household chores upon your family members or look for cleaning lady.

We hope our advices will be useful for you in such challenging and wonderful work as to be parents.

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