About organic kids clothes

Organic clothing is made from materials that are grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Any textile, whether processed or finished, can be called organic only if it meets either USDA organic textile requirements or those of the GOTS.

Children's wear manufacturers have the opportunity to apply for various labels. The best known labels organic kids’ clothes in the USA:

Little Green Radicals

Kite Kids




Eco Eco

Cool Green Attitude

Bishopston Trading

...and other

There are also Eco -Tex 100 label, which places great demands on health and the quality of the finished product - but not to the environment. None of the above markings Order requires ecology.

The closest you get to a world standard for organic clothing is GOTS. GOTS label is an international ecological label for clothes. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Behind the brand is a series of ecological organizations producing clothes. GOTS requires that the clothes are made from organic ingredients, and the clothes worked environmentally friendly factory.

Buy organic kids’ clothes with a clear conscience

You're probably right that I am aware of ecology in nutrition and health. Unfortunately, many of us forget how many substances that actually follows when we buy clothes for the kids. In the traditional production of clothing used are tons of chemicals. The meeting with the chemicals starts in cotton field. - To prevent weeds and pests destroying cotton, sprayed cotton plants with pesticides. On weavers also used different chemicals to make cotton threads stronger and when the cotton be dyed or bleached.

Many Danish children's clothing manufacturers have in recent years increased their requirements for materials and production process. They want to protect the environment your child to grow up in, and give you a guarantee that the clothes your child wears the body does not contain or release harmful substances.

By buying organic clothes fit you, therefore, both to nature and your child.

Organic kids’ clothes - it sounds boring

Organic clothes are no longer synonymous with boring plain / natural colored cotton. In many cases, you will not be able to tell the difference between organic and non organic clothing. See, for example, organic label Frugi - here is not saved in rich colors and prints.

Coloring of organic clothing without the use of chemicals - so can the dyes do not damage your child's body. For example, there are all clothes from Eco Eco done with water-based inks. Therefore, clothes suitable for children with allergies, or if you just want to protect your child against dyes and chemicals.

Ecology - is not that expensive?

Organic kids’ clothes need not be terribly expensive. Price is inseparable from design, materials and quality. It costs a little extra when children's clothing manufacturer watchman sustainability in terms of organic cotton, non-toxic print and decent working conditions for those working in production. The price is nevertheless in many cases the same for a piece of organic clothing compared to a plain piece of branded clothing.

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About organic kids clothes

About organic kids clothes