A teenager in 4 years

They are heaters, quarrelsome and angry one moment, philosophically , loving and wise the next. As the mother of a four year it can be hard to keep up. But do not worry; your little chameleon is just being himself.

Slam! There slammed the door behind an offended young girl, and the windows rattled. Bang! So much for a glass of milk on the floor, because you accidentally poured it on his mini Highness will. And 'fuck!', Which came just a word that you had not wanted to hear ...

On the other hand, it is fantastic that he now wants to know everything about the universe, the sun and the moon.

There is from one extreme to the other - and back again. What exactly is it that happens to the four year old? Are not they a little ... teenage-like?

Saliva camel out, Mom!

One of the four year olds and teenagers have in common is that they can drive their mothers crazy.

When the 20th time has done something 'wrong' and has been called lortemor, do you hear yourself shouting 'keep, however, stop shouting!' or booming sound in your ears after the crash of the door, you have hammered in.

- Many times it happens, yes, because you have swallowed too many camels. You are slid and slipped off, and then boils it all.

So take rather the conflicts that occur when they occur, have Margaret Brown Hansen, who emphasizes that it is okay to be angry, as long as you keep the ball and say 'I am angry' and not 'you' indeed impossible body '.

Is this yet reached the point of it doing it sometimes, so go rather your way to cool off?

Did you not find it in time to apologize - but do not make it a habit every time I have been in conflict. Conflicts are okay, yes, actually necessary for your child to find out how he should be in the world.

Life and death

It might sound as if life with four or five-year-old is one long struggle, but that is far from it.

Like the “real” teens also begins the little aspiring to make big philosophical questions about life. It's fun to be involved.

- Until now, your child lived in a naive world, but now it begins to seriously wonder.

“Does the moon with us, because I can see it both at grandma and home?” “Are there bad people?” “Why should we die?”

It's a very existential age, and because the child will ask you answers to your questions, it is a great opportunity for self-development.

Did you check on the teenager?


Think about what the child can and let him do it. You would in fact like that he can pour milk up or lace up his shoes, right?


Come on you to do something, he would have done? Recognize that it means something to him, and offer to do it. It does not make you a failure as a mother.


Some things you decide because you know best, for example, if one must have ballet on when it crashes. Your child will be furious, but it's okay.


If you swallow too many camels, throws you up in the end. It is better to take the conflict on rubber boots here and now in your wardrobe than to bite irritation in itself - and then explode over the lego on the floor when I get home.


Are you a good reflection of your child? Children respond by screaming when we adults are violent in speech or body language. It is difficult to control, but you can do it. Get in your own half, remove yourself from the situation if you get too angry, and apologize if you go too far.

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