8 month old baby development

All these months you've been playing peekaboo to happy chortles from your baby and now something even more exciting occurs: He pulls your hands away from your face to control the game or hides his own face to get you interested. At this stage, your baby starts to see himself as someone who can call the shots/' says Dr. Holly E. Brophy-Herb, associate professor of Child Development at Michigan State University, US.

SOCIAL SKILL-STOKER Engage with your baby and encourage him to explore on his own too. For instance, talk about the wooden car in his room or point to the farm animalsbut leave the action to your tot. British researchers found that when moms take on more of a teaching role rather than putting on a big performance, their babies are quicker to actively play.

8 month old baby development and playing

Play is the favorite activity at the moment, it does absolutely nothing when it activates and stimulates a child's development both physically and mentally.

The little can now hold things with his thumb and forefinger. Now it begins the time to be fun to pull grab things and pull at them, which among other things includes paper, which of course just is torn to pieces and tasted!

In addition, it is fun to make sound and noise by hitting things; it gives them the different sounds depending on what you settle on - with a ladle can make a nice lot of noise.

There are some toys that give different sounds by pressing the buttons, including the sounds of the animals living on the farm, or a xylophone giving flimsy for more powerful sound.

8 month old baby development and progress

With the support of both hands it is possible to stand up for brief moments, and then you sit bumps on the bum.

Being better able to distinguish between different flavors in the food, it is sour or sweet, tastes. The baby likes or does not like it and spits it out again.

Prefer a toy rather than anything else; your child finds out which games are more fun than others. He/she makes an active effort to express his favorite things.

Your baby smiles and babbles when you see familiar faces, rows arms welcoming out by people they know and love.

Now it will be exciting for you as parents. 8 month old baby begins: to show the first signs of independence - the child has his own thoughts, memory works and sounds developed.

Your child begins to remember things that happen again. For example, this may be at meal times, or the usual morning and evening rituals. The concentration increases and it starts to get easier for the child to understand what is happening in the environment. Children respond more spontaneously and have more control over his actions.

8 month old baby development is never-ending moving, playing and discovering.

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8 month old baby development