7 Tips How to Take Care of Newborn Babies and Pets

To have a newborn baby in your house as well as having newborn pets is a precious event. Though in a case with a baby this is usually a completely balanced and important step and in a case with pets it does not always depend on you, still both human and animal babies are so defenseless that they absolutely trust you and need your constant concern. Their health in their first months depends entirely on you. Let us consider what are the peculiarities of newborns and how to take care of newborn baby together with raising pets.

1 Tip.

If you already have grown-uppetsat home and are planning to have a child, you should be aware of the fact that childbirth is a crucial event, which affects everyone in your family, including your pet. That is why first of all let your dog accept the fact that there is going to be one more person living in the apartment, after the baby is born, let him adapt to this fact and only after that introduce them to each other. You may ask how I make my dog accept such fact? Role-play with him. Pretend that you already have a baby, carry it out in your hands , feed it and pay a lot of attention to it. You will see how your dog reacts and if he reacts inappropriately, you can teach him how to behave in advance. Most of thepets, especially dogs , love small children, still they may be jealous or aggressive, so better take safety measures.

2 Tip.

If you have a child or small children and you’re going to buy or take home a newborn pet, you have to prepare your baby for it. That is important that your baby doesn’t think aboutpetsas toys. The kid should accept that the pet also needs some attention. Dogs are usually friendly to children, so if your pet is a dog, when it grows up, it can even help you raise a child, teach him walking, for example.

3 Tip.

7 Tips How to Take Care of Newborn Babies and Pets

Make sure your baby doesn’t have allergy on animals’ fur. In such an early age allergy can cause many unpleasant complications. Thehealthof the kid as well as the pet is the most important thing, so keep an eye on purity and hygiene of your apartment. Moreover, you need to wash your pet several times as often as you used to before thenewborn babyappeared.

4 Tip.

7 Tips How to Take Care of Newborn Babies and Pets

For both babies and smallpetsone of the considerable requirements for goodhealthand fast growing is permanent availability of fresh air. Of course you should be careful not to let babies catch a cold, but regular everyday walking is necessary as well as ventilating your apartment at least twice a day.

5 Tip.

Use only safe chemicals. If you let yourself buy something doubtful for washing dishes or cleaning windows before, now, when you have a pet and/or a child in the apartment, it is forbidden, since they may accidentally try to taste them.

6 Tip.

7 Tips How to Take Care of Newborn Babies and Pets

Remember not to allow yourpetsin the nursery at least for several months since the child is born. It is not enough just to keep your cat or dog clean, it is also necessary to maintain the extreme cleanliness around the baby at the very beginnings which is impossible to do with a pet around.

7 Tip.

7 Tips How to Take Care of Newborn Babies and Pets
Try to give as much attention as possible both to thenewborn babyand your pet. Always remember about time to feed them, play with them. Make sure yournewborn babyas well as the pet sleep well at night. Make it possible for them to not hear each other’s sounds, at least at the first months of life. Step by step the immune system andhealthconditions of newborns will strengthen and it will be the time for you to teach them being around each other more. While taking care of them do not forget about your ownhealth, because both of them need healthy mothers and fathers just as healthy masters.

Do not overwork with precautionary measures, but still be careful about the behavior of yourpets. I am sure that if you keep to these rules, in no time will you have a secure base in your house and won’t be afraid to leave the kid and the pet alone, because they will know how to take care of each other.