7 Tips How to Make a Teenage Confidence

Teenage confidence helps to cope with difficulties and achieve absolutely incredible success. It is important for all parents that their child is confident. This feature is important for all stages of child’s development, but when a child turns into a teenager the most culminating moment comes. It is usually lack of confidence that prevents teenagers from reaching harmony inside and succeeding in life. Teenage confidence is one of the main engines of progress for an adult. Worries, doubts and sometimes lack of self-confidence turn your child’s life into characterized by new. The main task of parents is to help their child to become more confident. So, here are 7 tips which will help your child believe in himself.

Be Proud of Your Child’s Success

Success and failures occur in life of every child. It is a natural process. However, it is better to pay more attention to your child’s success than to his mistakes. Be proud of your child’s every achievement, as it brings positive emotions and good mood not only to you, but to your child as well. Remembering his previous success your child will be easier orientated to achieve the best result.

Encourage Your Child in His Beginnings

If you like your child’s new idea, don’t hide your approval and try to support it in any way. Lots of wonderful beginnings occur in every person’s life, but unfortunately they end without beginning only because of lack of support from others. Listen attentively when your child tells you about his new idea. You should be supportive and helpful in any case, either you approve or disapprove your child’s new idea. Always be respectful to your teenager’s beginnings.


Failures occur in every person’s life. Due to his unsteady psychic, a child apprehends failures much stronger than an adult. The effect of failure may negatively influence your child’s future actions when he becomes an adult. That is why psychologists search for reasons of human problems in his deep past. Don’t remind your child of his failures. Better try to concentrate his thoughts on the positive experience that he has achieved afterwards. It’s not worth regretting and, furthermore, reproaching.

Don’t Scold Your Child for his Mistakes

The inspirational sayings:

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything

shows that we all make errors but those errors we should use as a learning experience. That is why if you are very angry with your teenager’s mistake and do not understand how he can be so inattentive or unwise, just consider that he is still learning and unlike you he is only at the beginning of his way. And these are our mistakes or mistakes of others that make us more experienced, attentive and reasonable.

Advise Only When Being Asked

It is very difficult to resist from showing your experience and knowledge by giving a good piece of advice, especially when you are more experienced at this matter, especially because you are a parent. However, how does it influence a child? If a child has decided to do everything by himself, and you are prompting and advising what to do all the time, it will bring an absolutely different effect. Furthermore, even if the result is successful, your child will not feel fully satisfied, as he will have a feeling that his success is not full. It is very useful to do something from the beginning to the end by yourself, such projects increase self-esteem.

It is different when your child asks for advice or help when he really need and respect your advice. You should earn this incredible opportunity to become a respected advisor in your child’s life. Here some tips to achieve it:


The meaning of prating is preaching children. It is a big different between teaching and preaching. The first implies that the child apprehends the given information, whereas the second is done against the child’s will, i.e. your child doesn’t want to listen, but you try to tell him what, how and why he must do. Such actions badly influence teenage confidence , because by constant preaching a parent subconsciously makes his child feel that he does everything wrong and, therefore, lowers his self-esteem.

Don’t Raise the Qualification Standard Too High

Having goals is great. Helping your child in achieving them is even greater. However, some parents are carried away too much and start making their child to be the best everywhere. The key word here is “making”, so that the child’s life turns into constant rush for his parents’ ideals. Motivate your child to do the best in everything for himself, not for you. Remember your best goal as a parent, is to act as a motivator for your child and support him no matter what.