6-month-old baby We are already sitting

A 6-month-oldbabyalready has many skills. The main and most important skill is sitting. Some babies begin to walk actively at this age. The 7th month of the baby’s life is concerned with constant cognition of the surrounding world.

6-month-old baby motor skills

A 6-month-oldbaby can sit already. His spine is already developed for that. In a sitting position, a wonderful field of view opens to a baby. Now he can sit independently and turn his head, observing the world around. A baby doesn’t demand that you take him in your arms as often as before. A 6-month-oldbaby tries to actively move. The coordination of the baby’s hands is very precise. He is interested in tiny objects, specks, buttons, fine designs on the floor or on clothes. A baby can precisely seize a tiny object with his little hands.

A 6-month-oldbaby consciously tries to reach at an interesting object in order to take and examine it. A baby can grasp tiny objects with both his right hand as well as with his left hand. However, if he sees the 3rd object, he doesn’t yet realize that he needs to free one hand to seize it. After 6 months, a baby may be taught to swim and hold his breath for short distances underwater. However, not all babies like “big” water, which is why parents should approach swimming carefully, in order not to create a fear of water activities in a baby.

6-month-old baby sensitive skills

6-month-old baby We are already sitting
During the 7th month of life, a baby comes concerned about unknown people. A certain shyness in the presence of strangers appears. You may notice that your baby is shy and may even try to hide from people, who he rarely communicates with. A baby is interested in different textures of the objects. Also, unusual sounds, like the rustling of a paper, foil, or plastic bag catches the baby’s special attention. A baby crushes thin paper or newspaper with pleasure. Parents need to be very careful as a baby may take tiny objects in his mouth, pieces of newspaper with harmful typographical ink, and other objects that are potentially dangerous for the baby’s health. At this age, a baby may find a half-covered familiar object, for example his favorite toy. In other words, he understands that even if he doesn’t see a whole toy, it is still there.

6-month-old baby safety tips at home

When a baby is always ready for active movements, parents must be very attentive. Here are a few rules, which will help make your home safe for a baby during his 7th month of life.

Don’t leave your baby unattended when he is awake.

Don’t leave a baby on high surfaces without railing, even for a second.

The place where a baby is playing must be safe. Check it for the presence of tiny and sharp, cutting objects or ropes and ribbons, in which a baby can get entangled.

Fence the stairs, close the doors to the toilet, bathroom, and other dangerous rooms for a baby.

Hide all dangerous chemical substances in an inaccessible place.

Put safety caps in the wall outlets near the baby’s playing area.

Cover sharp corners of furniture with special cover plates.

6-month-old baby games

You may get a baby acquainted with short fun verses for kids.

Playing with a ball. Make a baby sit on the floor and roll a ball in front of him.

Sing a merry song for a baby .

Hide a toy partially under the blanket or a pillow and let a baby find it.

Give a baby a metallic bowl and a tea spoon. Show them how it’s possible to bang with a spoon against the bowl.

A 6-month-oldbaby needs attention and communication, which is why you should communicate with, play with, and help your baby develop. The main thing to remember is the baby’s safety.