6 month baby development we are looking, listening, playing

6th month baby development.

The6th monthof baby’s life gives him or her new knowledge and skills. A baby isn’t willing to stay still. Now he or she is completely moving. During this month, some babies master the ability to sit and even walk a little. Others gain these skills a bit later. Everything is interesting to a baby. He or she tries to take everything and taste it.

The 6 month the impellent development of a baby

The impellent development of a baby is progressing a lot. A baby fidgets in him or her bed. He or she turns from the back on to the stomach and back easily, and tries to reach for any interesting objects. The 6th month is specified by the idea that a baby tries to take a vertical position, either sitting or standing. From the position of lying on the stomach, a baby may sit frog-like. Babies, who like to lie on their stomachs, try to push off with their legs and move this way. In a sense, they are preparing their muscles for crawling. When taking a bath, a baby actively splashes in the water. He or she slaps the water with him or her hands and legs, evidently enjoying the process. The increase in the baby’s impellent activity contributes to the development of the new skills and accelerates the cognition of the surrounding world. The movement coordination of a baby is constantly improving as well. Now he or she may take small and larger objects in him or her hand. He or she can also pass an object from one hand to another.

6 month baby development emotional and social skills

Having reached the 6-month age, a baby perfectly distinguishes his or her family and strangers. He or she is very happy to see his or her mother or father and other people he or she is accustomed to. He or she may even wrap his or her arms around the mother’s neck and hug her. This way he or she shows that he or she is very happy to see mother. An idea “I want” becomes timely for babies of 6 months old. He or she may cry actively if he or she can’t reach something interesting. If a baby likes a certain thing and it has been hidden somewhere, he or she will actively show his or her discontent. This may last for a few minutes, until a new interesting object catches his or her attention.

During the 6th month of the baby’s development he or she becomes an attentive contemplator. He or she watches the actions happening around very intently. Even having taken a toy into his or her hands, he or she will look at it attentively all over before tasting it. The baby’s hearing is also developing. He or she listens for new sounds, and turns him or her head to find the source of the sound. A baby likes rhythmic and melodic sounds the most. Tactile skills of a baby also develop with every passing day. He or she has already explored his or her own face. Now a baby is interested in his or her mother’s or father’s face. When they lean closely to a baby, he or she tries to touch their nose, eyes, and mouth.

The 6 month the development of baby’s speech

A baby constantlyexperiments with sounds. It’s interesting that he or she repeats the same sound a few times. For example, not “bah” but “bah-bah-bah” or “ma-ma-ma” or “da-da-da”, etc. Now a baby pronounces many sounds. But sometimes it seems, he or she is pronouncing them consciously. For example, when mother comes up and takes a baby, he or she may babble “ma-ma-ma”.

6th month baby development entertainment

During the 6th month of development a baby spends relatively more time awake. Different things and actions are interesting for him or her.

You may entertain a baby by showing his or her reflection in the big mirror.

Make a baby sit, reclining in a special chair for feeding in the kitchen. Show him or her various shiny objects: saucepans, spoons, and covers.

Carry a baby with you in a sling or a special rucksack to allow him or her see what is happening around.

Talk to the baby. You may read him or her a short fairy-tale or verses. A baby will listen to your voice with pleasure and attempt to imitate the sounds.

Dance together with a baby to rhythmic music.

The 6-month-old baby developmentwill bring joy and discoveries to your baby and you. We hope that our article will help you to better understand your little one.